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Follow people in Rewatch and get notified whenever they share a new video.

Follow people in your channel and never miss when they share a video

Rewatch makes it easy to stay connected and in sync with your team. Now you can follow specific people in your channel and get notified whenever they share a new video.

Whether you choose to follow your company leaders, your manager, or teammates you often collaborate with, you'll never miss an update from them again.

To follow someone, simply navigate to their profile in Rewatch and click "Subscribe."

Learn more about managing your notifications here.

Subscribe to tags and get notified whenever new videos are added

Tags help you organize and discover important topics in your videos. Now you can subscribe to specific tags and proactively follow the topics that matter most to you.

When you subscribe to a tag, you will be notified whenever the tag gets used, making it easy to up-to-date. You will get notified in the app and, depending on your notification preferences, by email and mobile push.

Learn more about subscribing to tags.

Give context to your work by recording and sharing GIFs with your team

You can now use our screen recorder to record and share GIFs. GIFs are a great way for you to add visual context and get your message across quickly and clearly.

Here are a couple of ideas for how you can use GIFs:

  • Capture a bug, demo a new feature, or present a UI interaction.
  • Show customers exactly how to use your product.
  • Present creative work and communicate design feedback.

Once a GIF has been recorded, you can choose to save it locally or upload it to your library in Rewatch before sharing it with your team.

Don’t have our screen recorder yet? Download it now and record your first GIF.

Learn more about recording GIFs here.

Monitor activity in your channel with audit logs

Audit logs enable you to quickly review and monitor activity in your channel, so you can keep your organization secure.

Admins on our Enterprise plan can now view a record of key actions taken by members and guests of their channel, including signing in, updating permissions, and creating and deleting content.

To help you identify who performed what action and when, each event in the audit log includes the person’s name, IP address, and timestamp.

To access the audit log for your channel, visit the Admin Console.

Learn more about audit logs in our help center.

Assign members to groups when you invite them to your channel

Now when you add new members to your channel, you can assign them to groups before sending the invite. Assigning members to groups makes it easy to manage access to videos and notify members about new videos that are relevant to them.

You can use groups to automatically subscribe members to specific collections, control which members can create top-level collections, and give multiple members access to private videos and collections all at once.

Learn more about assigning new members to groups.

Get notified about new activity in Rewatch on Slack

Get notified in Slack about new comments and highlights on videos

We've improved our Slack integration to make it even easier to stay on top of recent activity from your team. Now you can get notified in Slack about new comments and highlights on videos in your channel.

You can set up Slack notifications for comments and highlights on all videos in your channel or just on videos in specific collections.

Learn more about our Slack integration.

the Rewatch interface with a transcript translated in Korean

Transcribe and translate your videos into 30+ languages

Rewatch now offers automatic transcription and on-demand translation for 30 world languages in addition to English. With Rewatch, you can connect and collaborate with your team wherever they are in the world.

Image showing supported transcription languages in Rewatch

Customers on all plans can set their default language to one of 31 supported languages. Changing the default language will result in all videos being automatically transcribed and captioned in the chosen language.

Customers on our Business and Enterprise plans also have the option to change the transcription language on a per-video basis.

In addition, customers on our Business and Enterprise plans can translate their videos on-demand, enabling more inclusive communication for multilingual teams.

Learn more about the supported languages in our help center.

A video modal, transcript modal, and comment modal, with a tag being typed in

Organize and surface related topics in your videos with tags

Organizing your videos in Rewatch helps your team quickly discover the content that's relevant to them. Now, with tags, you can organize your videos by topic and enable your team to find and engage with related videos all at once.

Tags are designed to be flexible, allowing you to group videos in whatever way is most useful for you and your team. You can tag an entire video or tag specific sections of a video's transcript. Tags can also be added by anyone on your team.

Wondering what you can do with tags? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tag #newhire introductions, so everyone can get to know the new faces at the company.
  • Share progress on #goals and make it easy for your team to see the latest updates.
  • Track #productrequests as they come up and bring the voice of the customer to life.

To get started, simply include a #tag in a comment on a video's transcript or add a #tag in a video's description.

Learn more about tags here.

GIF showing how you can use tags to organize your videos in Rewatch

A modal showing comment subscribers in Rewatch

Manage your notifications with new comment settings

Notifications in Rewatch keep you informed about important activity in your channel. We've improved notifications for comments on videos, so you can see who will be notified and manage the notifications that matter to you.

Here's what's new and improved:

  • Everyone tagged in the video will be notified about new comments, so they don't miss out on the discussion.
  • Before you leave a comment, you can see who is subscribed to the thread and will receive a notification.
  • You can subscribe and unsubscribe to threads and manage which conversations are most important to you.

Learn more about managing your notifications.

A video card layout with videos showing their viewed progress

Videos now automatically resume from where you left off

Coming back to a video you started earlier? Rewatch now saves your playback position, so when you leave a video without finishing it, it will resume playing from the exact spot where you left off.

Video thumbnails also show your progress, so you can quickly see what you've watched and how much you have left.

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