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Rewatch lets you securely save, manage, and search all your video content so teams collaborate faster and work just gets better.

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Rewatch interface showing an example channel home for all your team’s videos

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Fast search

Search every word.

Every video is automatically transcribed so the content is readable and searchable by your team. It’s never been faster or easier to find and jump directly to what you’re looking for.

Our transcripts are powered by a highly accurate AI speech engine that’s been trained on 50,000+ hours of human-transcribed content from wide ranging topics, industries, and accents.

A screenshot showing how you can search you video transcripts in Rewatch.

Make your meetings more effective.

Communication shouldn’t be constrained by a meeting’s time block. Your team can keep the conversation going by posting follow up questions and @mentioning more people into a larger discussion so every meeting stays small and ends on time.


Understand who’s watching what.

Every video comes with rich analytics that give insights into what your team is watching and the average amount of time they spend on each video.

A screenshot showing how you can search you video transcripts in Rewatch.

Integrated into your workflow.

No one wants to spend time managing another tool. Our integrations do the work for you and allow you to put your channel on autopilot.

Automatically sync and import your Zoom meetings.

Automatically sync and import your Google Meet meetings.

Automatically notify your team in Slack when new videos are added.

Import any videos your team has stored in Dropbox.

Import any videos your team has stored in Google Drive.

Manage access by allowing your team to login via Okta.


Organized any way you want.

Your meetings, team updates, and product demos are easy to browse and always available. Your team can watch on any device, from anywhere.

A screenshot showing how you can organize your videos in Rewatch.
Built for how you work

You already run on video.
It’s time to take control.

The problem is most of it happens in real time and is lost immediately after a video call ends. Rewatch automatically captures the content of the video and makes sure no one on your team ever misses a thing.

Searchable transcripts

Search inside your videos and unlock your company’s knowledge to everyone without wasting time scanning through hours of video.

On-demand viewing

Make your all-hands or training available on-demand to take away the burden of scheduling teams across various timezones.


Easily manage access to your channel by allowing your team to login through your existing, secure SSO provider.


Get insight into what your team is watching and the average amount of time they spend on each video.

Watch on any device

Our video player is optimized for any devices your team might use so they can watch on whatever sized screen they prefer.


Make sure your team is always up to date with notifications that help them keep track of what’s new and what they should be watching.

Pinned videos and collections

Curate your channel’s homepage anyway you like by featuring specific videos and collections you need your team to watch.

People tags

Explore your channel by browsing people tagged in videos. This is great for seeing everything the CEO has said.

Comments & mentions

Communicate asynchronously around your videos so that your entire time can ask questions or follow up with more information.

Personal video queue

Every team member can add videos to their own queue so that they can watch everything they need at their own pace.


Integrate seamlessly into your internal wikis, blogs, or intranet so you can distribute your video content wherever your team needs it.

Dark mode

Let your team choose the best viewing experience for them. Light, dark, or set it to match your computer’s settings.