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Share portions of your video with clips

Today we are introducing Clips, a new tool for sharing and organizing your video content. With clips, you can select specific moments from your video in order to share with others, initiate a side conversation, or add to a collection.

Want to share a portion of a private meeting with your team? Need to discuss a moment with only a few members of your channel? It’s now possible. And, the actions you take on the clip – publishing, commenting, even deleting – won’t affect the original video.

Here are a few ways we’ve been using clips at Rewatch:

Share a moment, and keep everything else private. There are times when a private video includes a moment that would be nice to share with others. Now you can create a clip to share with the team, while still keeping the rest of the video private.

Focus the conversation. For moments that require deeper discussion, using a clip can be an effective way to foster a focused, in-depth conversation. This works great when a team needs to collaborate on a single idea or topic, as well as way of providing targeted feedback on a sales call or customer interview.

Compile a topical video repository. Clips are a great tool for building a curated, topic-based collection of content. Whether it's customer success stories, sales calls strategies, or anything else, clips let you isolate relevant moments to keep your collection focused and easy to navigate.

Learn more about using Clips in our help center.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved the screen reader accessibility of the like and queue buttons on video thumbnails
  • Improved the resolution of embedded video thumbnails
  • Updated the behavior of the edit video details page to always navigate to the video after saving
  • Updated how fonts are handled on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where the "link only" option in the link access dropdown wasn't enabled when videos were private

Desktop Camera Recorder

We have added the ability to record via your device's camera using our Mac desktop recorder (a Windows update is on the way). This change makes it easier than ever to create quick video updates and messages on Rewatch. This is especially handy if your team is using a Series to replace stand-ups and other repetitive status meetings.

As always, you can also use the desktop app to record your screen, create a quick canvas presentation, or record a GIF. Download the Rewatch desktop app today!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Disabled the "Post comment" button when uploading an image to avoid upload errors
  • Fixed a bug when uploading videos from the "Edit collection" page
  • Video uploaders can now embed their private videos
  • Updated the video publishing flow to reduce unintentional publishing
  • Updated the API to improve uploading of large files
  • Added Afrikaans to list of supported languages for translation

Images in Comment Threads

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, consider this another way Rewatch is helping to save your team time: it's now possible to add images – even GIFs! – in comments. This is something that we've wanted for a while, and we're happy to say goodbye to the days of halting a thread once it requires something visual.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added a default title to transcript highlights
  • Added a message to the video page to indicate when a video fails to upload properly
  • Improved screen reader accessibility of the navigation sidebar
  • Fixed a bug where unpublishing a video removed the people who it was directly shared with
  • Fixed a bug where the button that lets you hide your video offscreen was not displaying

Hubspot and Salesforce Integrations

Good news if you spend a lot of time bouncing between your calendar, Rewatch, and your CRM software: Rewatch now offers integrations with both Hubspot and Salesforce. With these enabled, Rewatch will create a Hubspot/Salesforce event when it finds a meeting on your calendar that includes a contact from your CRM.

To enable this feature, have your channel admin connect your CRM software via the Integrations tab in the Rewatch admin console.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added a message to indicate when a video's transcript has been edited, and by whom
  • Updated the homepage navigation to group together content on the sidebar
  • Added horizontal scroll controls when the series list on the home page gets too long
  • Improved the description of “impressions” on the analytics page to make the data more understandable
  • Created a link in the profile dropdown that gives group members of a view of the groups they are in
  • Fixed a bug where using the spacebar was causing the series play to act abnormally

Download videos for offline viewing

Just in time for the holiday travel season, our mobile apps now give you the option to download videos so you can watch them even without an internet connection.

The Rewatch app for iOS and Android now supports offline viewing for all videos. Simply navigate to the video, and select “Save for offline” from the ellipsis menu in the top right corner to download your video.

All of your “saved for offline” videos can all be found in the new and improved “Me” tab, along with your video uploads, likes, and recent watching history.

Don't have the Rewatch mobile app yet? Head to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download it today.

Collaborating without a meeting is easier than ever with Series

Series are a new way for you to stay connected with your team, wherever you work. Record quick videos to share what you’re up to—and let your team catch up on their own time and schedule.

A series is a collaborative space where team members can share updates on a specific project, task, or topic. We think they’re great for replacing those “status update” meetings (like a daily standup), as well as bringing your team together, even if you’re remote, or not always in the same space at the same time. Series enables teams to spend less time scheduling and attending meetings, and makes it easier to stay on top of the things you care most about.

Here’s a look at what we’ve added:

  • Recent Highlights series: If your channel has any video highlights, you’ll notice a new series called “Recent Highlights”. We’ve compiled highlights from all videos into a single viewing experience, with full commenting and sharing capabilities.
  • Creating a custom series: Creating a series for your team is easy – simply give it a title and decide who can contribute (or leave it open for the whole channel to add to). For status updates and other recurring events, you can even add reminders that notify contributors when it’s time to add a video.
  • Tools for creating and recording: Our desktop screen recorder and mobile apps are now equipped with new tools for sharing your work and ideas. Now, alongside recording a video and or capturing your screen, you can create quick, custom, slide presentations to share with your team.
  • View, comment, and share: The series viewer compiles videos from the team into a single, immersive experience (but with the same transcript and commenting capabilities you’ve grown accustomed to). Add in indicators for “unwatched” videos, and catching up with your teammates is quicker than ever before.

Read why we built series on our blog, or learn more about using series in the help center.

Pin your favorite collections to your sidebar for easy access

We've made it even easier for you to quickly access the videos you need for work. You can now pin specific collections to your sidebar by adding them to your favorites.

To get started, simply click the star (⭐) button next to the title of the collection. A new section will appear in your sidebar after you favorite your first collection.

Subscribe to keywords and get notified when they're mentioned

Looking for an easier way to stay on top of conversations you care about? Good news—you can now subscribe to keywords and get notified whenever they're mentioned in a video.

When you subscribe to a keyword, you'll receive a notification in the app and, depending on your notification preferences, by email and/or mobile push.

Here are some keywords you might subscribe to:

  • Your name: Hey, who doesn't want to know when they're mentioned? 😄
  • Your team's name: Know when your team comes up in conversation.
  • Project terms: Working on "pricing"? Get notified whenever it gets discussed.

Learn more about subscriptions in our help center.

Find videos you recently watched in your watch history in Rewatch

Find videos you recently watched in your watch history

With watch history in Rewatch, you can now see all the videos you've recently watched or started to watch in one place.

Need to revisit an important discussion? Or finish a video you only got partway through? Watch history makes it easy to quickly find videos you've already seen.

To see your watch history, go to "History" in the lefthand menu of the app.

Play Rewatch videos in Slack

Play Rewatch videos in Slack and get up to speed faster

You can now play Rewatch videos directly in Slack. With our updated integration, you and your team can quickly catch up on videos without having to leave your Slack workspace.

Only videos that have been published to your channel in Rewatch can be played in Slack. Private videos and videos that are only accessible by link will not be expanded.

If you connected Slack to Rewatch prior to August 10, 2022, please update the integration by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to Integrations in the admin console.
  2. Click "Manage settings" for the Slack integration.
  3. Click "Update" at the top to update the Slack integration.
  4. Follow these steps to enable your videos to play in Slack.

Learn more about our Slack integration in the help center.

Easily share videos with your team in Rewatch

Sharing videos with your team is simpler and faster

We've made it a whole lot easier to share videos with your team, so you can keep conversations going and work moving forward.

Here's what's new and what's changing:

  • Publish videos to your channel in one click: Want to share a video with your entire team? Now you can publish videos to your channel in one easy click.
  • 🎥 Share without leaving the video: Manage access to your videos without having to edit the video’s details. Add videos to collections, share them with specific people, and publish them to your channel or the web, all right from the video.
  • 🔗 New videos now have an internally shareable link by default: New videos are now immediately shareable with members of your channel. Just send the link to share your video. Note: These links will not be viewable to anyone outside your channel, and your videos will not be published to your entire channel.
  • 🔒 Draft videos are now private: If you have drafts in your video library, they will automatically be converted to private videos, which are only visible to you.

Learn more about sharing videos in our help center.

Follow people in Rewatch and get notified whenever they share a new video.

Follow people in your channel and never miss when they share a video

Rewatch makes it easy to stay connected and in sync with your team. Now you can follow specific people in your channel and get notified whenever they share a new video.

Whether you choose to follow your company leaders, your manager, or teammates you often collaborate with, you'll never miss an update from them again.

To follow someone, simply navigate to their profile in Rewatch and click "Subscribe."

Learn more about managing your notifications here.

Subscribe to tags and get notified whenever new videos are added

Tags help you organize and discover important topics in your videos. Now you can subscribe to specific tags and proactively follow the topics that matter most to you.

When you subscribe to a tag, you will be notified whenever the tag gets used, making it easy to up-to-date. You will get notified in the app and, depending on your notification preferences, by email and mobile push.

Learn more about subscribing to tags.

Give context to your work by recording and sharing GIFs with your team

You can now use our screen recorder to record and share GIFs. GIFs are a great way for you to add visual context and get your message across quickly and clearly.

Here are a couple of ideas for how you can use GIFs:

  • Capture a bug, demo a new feature, or present a UI interaction.
  • Show customers exactly how to use your product.
  • Present creative work and communicate design feedback.

Once a GIF has been recorded, you can choose to save it locally or upload it to your library in Rewatch before sharing it with your team.

Don’t have our screen recorder yet? Download it now and record your first GIF.

Learn more about recording GIFs here.

Monitor activity in your channel with audit logs

Audit logs enable you to quickly review and monitor activity in your channel, so you can keep your organization secure.

Admins on our Enterprise plan can now view a record of key actions taken by members and guests of their channel, including signing in, updating permissions, and creating and deleting content.

To help you identify who performed what action and when, each event in the audit log includes the person’s name, IP address, and timestamp.

To access the audit log for your channel, visit the Admin Console.

Learn more about audit logs in our help center.

Assign members to groups when you invite them to your channel

Now when you add new members to your channel, you can assign them to groups before sending the invite. Assigning members to groups makes it easy to manage access to videos and notify members about new videos that are relevant to them.

You can use groups to automatically subscribe members to specific collections, control which members can create top-level collections, and give multiple members access to private videos and collections all at once.

Learn more about assigning new members to groups.

Get notified about new activity in Rewatch on Slack

Get notified in Slack about new comments and highlights on videos

We've improved our Slack integration to make it even easier to stay on top of recent activity from your team. Now you can get notified in Slack about new comments and highlights on videos in your channel.

You can set up Slack notifications for comments and highlights on all videos in your channel or just on videos in specific collections.

Learn more about our Slack integration.

the Rewatch interface with a transcript translated in Korean

Transcribe and translate your videos into 30+ languages

Rewatch now offers automatic transcription and on-demand translation for 30 world languages in addition to English. With Rewatch, you can connect and collaborate with your team wherever they are in the world.

Image showing supported transcription languages in Rewatch

Customers on all plans can set their default language to one of 31 supported languages. Changing the default language will result in all videos being automatically transcribed and captioned in the chosen language.

Customers on our Business and Enterprise plans also have the option to change the transcription language on a per-video basis.

In addition, customers on our Business and Enterprise plans can translate their videos on-demand, enabling more inclusive communication for multilingual teams.

Learn more about the supported languages in our help center.

A video modal, transcript modal, and comment modal, with a tag being typed in

Organize and surface related topics in your videos with tags

Organizing your videos in Rewatch helps your team quickly discover the content that's relevant to them. Now, with tags, you can organize your videos by topic and enable your team to find and engage with related videos all at once.

Tags are designed to be flexible, allowing you to group videos in whatever way is most useful for you and your team. You can tag an entire video or tag specific sections of a video's transcript. Tags can also be added by anyone on your team.

Wondering what you can do with tags? Here are a few ideas:

  • Tag #newhire introductions, so everyone can get to know the new faces at the company.
  • Share progress on #goals and make it easy for your team to see the latest updates.
  • Track #productrequests as they come up and bring the voice of the customer to life.

To get started, simply include a #tag in a comment on a video's transcript or add a #tag in a video's description.

Learn more about tags here.

GIF showing how you can use tags to organize your videos in Rewatch

A modal showing comment subscribers in Rewatch

Manage your notifications with new comment settings

Notifications in Rewatch keep you informed about important activity in your channel. We've improved notifications for comments on videos, so you can see who will be notified and manage the notifications that matter to you.

Here's what's new and improved:

  • Everyone tagged in the video will be notified about new comments, so they don't miss out on the discussion.
  • Before you leave a comment, you can see who is subscribed to the thread and will receive a notification.
  • You can subscribe and unsubscribe to threads and manage which conversations are most important to you.

Learn more about managing your notifications.

A video card layout with videos showing their viewed progress

Videos now automatically resume from where you left off

Coming back to a video you started earlier? Rewatch now saves your playback position, so when you leave a video without finishing it, it will resume playing from the exact spot where you left off.

Video thumbnails also show your progress, so you can quickly see what you've watched and how much you have left.

A video player with a chapters modal

Make your videos easy to navigate with chapters

Sharing a company all-hands or distributing a training session? Now you can make it even easier for your team to navigate long videos and find what they need with chapters.

Chapters allow you to organize your videos into digestible segments. By adding chapters, your team can get a quick overview of the topics being covered in the video and instantly jump to the segments they care about.

When you add chapters to your video, markers will be added to the video's progress bar, in the chapter menu on the video player, and in the transcript. You can also link directly to specific chapters in your video, so it's easier to share key information with your team.

Learn more about chapters here.

the Rewatch interface with a form field to create custom vocabulary in transcription settings

Improve transcription accuracy with custom vocabulary

Now you can improve transcription accuracy with support for your company's unique terms and phrases. Admins on the Business and Enterprise plans can set custom vocabulary to capture industry jargon, acronyms, and names of people, products, and companies.

To get started, head to the transcription settings in the Admin Console.

the Rewatch interface with synced meetings settings open for Google Meet

Admins can more easily manage their team's synced meetings

We've made it easier for admins to manage synced meetings for their entire channel. Now, admins can sync and update their team's upcoming meetings from the "Synced meetings" tab in the Admin Console.

For Zoom meetings

For Zoom meetings, admins have the ability to:

  • Sync meetings to Rewatch on behalf of their team.
  • Edit the meeting's details, including title, description, and visibility.
  • Stop meetings from being automatically imported to Rewatch.

For Google Meet meetings

For Google Meet meetings, admins have the ability to:

  • Edit the meeting's details, including title, description, and visibility.
  • Stop meetings from being automatically imported to Rewatch.

Note: Admins will need the meeting's host to add the meeting name and ID to Rewatch before it will appear in the admin console.

Learn more about how to sync meetings to Rewatch.

the full Zoom chat transcript in Rewatch

Get the full context from Zoom meetings with chat transcripts

During Zoom meetings, important ideas, comments, and insights are often shared through the in-meeting chat. And let's be honest – chat is where some of the most memorable (and funniest 🤣) moments for our teams happen too!

Now, when you're revisiting a Zoom meeting in Rewatch, you'll find a record of all your chat messages alongside the video's transcript.

Screenshot of video transcript with chat messages annotations.

To see the full chat conversation for a video, click on any of the chat comments. You can also use the timestamps to replay the exact moment when the chat message was sent.

Displaying in-meeting chat is enabled by default for Zoom recordings in Rewatch. Admins and the person who uploaded the video can hide chat conversations from the transcript by updating the video's details.

Learn more about updating a video's details here.

Three phones with Rewatch's Android App featured on the screens

The Rewatch mobile app is now available for Android

The Rewatch mobile app is now available for Android devices! With the mobile app, you can catch up on videos and collaborate with your team, wherever you're working.

Here's what you can do with Rewatch for Android:

  • Watch the latest company and team updates (at 2x speed, of course).
  • Need an answer quickly? Search your videos and channel on the go.
  • Keep the conversation going with comments and highlights.
  • Never miss out with personalized notifications just for you.

Head to the Google Play Store and download the Rewatch app today.

Want to be the first to try new features? Join our Android beta – and you'll receive new builds of the Rewatch app before they become available to the public.

Three phones with Rewatch's Android App featured on the screens

Connect individual Zoom accounts with our updated integration

We've made our Zoom integration more flexible, so you can get set up faster. Now you can connect your individual account to Rewatch, if you don't have admin permissions in Zoom.

Connecting your individual Zoom account

When you connect your individual Zoom account, you'll be able to:

  • Import your past Zoom recordings with one click.
  • Sync your Zoom meetings so they're automatically recorded and imported to Rewatch.

Every teammate who joins your channel in the future will need to set up the Zoom integration for their individual account.

Connecting your company's Zoom account

You'll continue to have the option to set up Zoom for your entire team. If you have admin permissions in Zoom, connecting your company's Zoom account also enables you to:

  • Allow admins in Rewatch to view and import all your company's Zoom recordings.
  • Deploy Zoom for your whole team so members don't have to individually connect their accounts.
  • Automatically add speaker names to your transcripts in Rewatch.

Learn more about our Zoom integration here.

a modal within the Rewatch app where users can invite viewers

Restrict sharing to specific people outside your team

Sometimes, you need to share sensitive information with people outside your team, such as customers, partners, or contractors. Now, customers on the Enterprise plan can securely share videos with individuals who are not members of their Rewatch channel.

When you invite an external viewer to your video, a secure link will be sent to their email address. External viewers will not be able to see comments on the video, just the video, transcript, and any highlights. You can revoke access at any time.

In the admin console, admins can track which videos have been shared, restrict the ability to invite external viewers to just admins, and enable or disable external sharing for their entire channel.

Customers on all plans will continue to have the option to share videos publicly to the web, which allows anyone with the link to view a video.

Learn more about securely sharing videos with people outside your team.

a modal within the Rewatch app where users can adjust retention policies

Protect and manage your company's data with retention policies

Retention policies allow you to easily and effectively manage your company’s data, so you can meet your organization’s security and privacy obligations. Admins on our Enterprise plan can now set policies to automate the retention and deletion of videos in their channel.

Admins have the flexibility to set policies globally or by collection. By default, Rewatch will retain all videos unless they are manually deleted by a member of your channel.

Learn more about how retention policies work.

a browser window with the Rewatch web app open and the transcript featured

Transcripts are easier to read with our updated video page

Transcripts allow you to quickly catch up on important information in your team's videos. We've updated the video page to make transcripts in Rewatch even easier to read and give you more options to read, watch, or do both at the same time.

Now, when you're scrolling through a transcript, the video player will appear to the side instead of above the transcript, so you have more room to read. You also have a new option to collapse the video player and focus on just the transcript.

Prefer to watch the video instead, or want to read and watch? Hit "play" at the top of the page to just watch the video, or start playing the video at any time by clicking the timestamp to the right of the transcript.

a screen with Microsoft Powerpoint and Rewatch's screen recorder open

Our screen recorder is now available for Windows

Our screen recorder is now available for Windows! With our screen recorder, you can quickly and easily communicate with your team – without adding more meetings.

Our screen recorder lets you capture your screen and camera and then share the recording directly to Rewatch, where your team can catch up and watch at any time.

You can use our screen recorder to share ideas and feedback, report on progress, make announcements, record onboarding and training videos, and more.

Ready to get started? Download our screen recorder for Windows.

You can also learn more about our screen recorder here.

a window featuring Rewatch's notifications page

Stay up to date with notifications in Rewatch

Notifications help you stay on top of the videos and conversations that need your attention. Now, with notifications in the app, you'll never miss an important update from your team or new activity on your videos.

Here's how notifications in Rewatch help you focus and prioritize:

  • Notifications are marked "Done" automatically; no tedious archiving required.
  • You can like or queue a video to watch later, directly on the notification.
  • Need to reply later? Just mark it as "Not done," so you can circle back later.

You'll continue to have the option to receive email and mobile push notifications, along with getting notifications in the app.

A tablet and two mobile device mockups with the Rewatch app on screen

Watch, record, and share videos with our new iOS app

With Rewatch for iOS, you can stay connected with your team and keep work moving – from anywhere. Our new mobile app lets you record, watch, and share videos, plus collaborate with your team, all from your iPhone or iPad.

With the mobile app, you can:

  • Catch up on the latest company news and videos shared with you.
  • Quickly record video messages and share them with your team.
  • Find exactly what you need to keep work moving with powerful search.
  • Collaborate on the go with highlights, comments, and mentions.
  • Get personalized notifications about new activity for you.

Ready to try our new mobile app? Head to the App Store, and download the Rewatch app on your iPhone or iPad.

Learn more about getting started with Rewatch for iOS here.

A modal with Rewatch's control settings visible

Share private videos with specific members and groups

Now you can share your private videos with specific members or groups in your channel. This gives you an extra layer of security and control, so you can ensure your video is only seen by those it's intended for. You can use this option to:

  • Share sensitive updates with a small group.
  • Provide one-to-one feedback to a teammate or direct report.
  • Discuss important initiatives that are under wraps.

Here's how it works: Just select the "Only some people" option when adding a video to Rewatch and then type the names of any members or groups you want to share with.

When a private video is shared directly with you, it will appear in a new "Shared with me" collection in your channel. This collection will only be visible and accessible to you.

Learn more about sharing videos with specific members and groups.

A screen with keynote and Rewatch's screen recorder open

Create and share videos with our new screen recorder

With our new screen recorder, you can quickly record videos and share them directly to your channel, where your team can find and watch them. You can use our screen recorder to:

  • Amplify important announcements and keep everyone aligned and in sync.
  • Get teammates up to speed by recording onboarding and training videos.
  • Share project updates, walk through creative work, and demo new features.
  • Show customers exactly what to do and resolve support issues faster.

Getting started is simple: Just record your screen and/or camera, upload your recording to Rewatch with one click, and then edit and publish when you’re ready.

You can download our screen recorder for Mac here. Coming soon for Windows!

Need help getting started? Learn more about our screen recorder here.

The Rewatch app's upload modal

Uploading videos is faster and more reliable

We know speed is of the essence, especially when there's something important you need to share with your team. Uploading your videos to Rewatch just got a whole lot faster and more reliable, thanks to a number of under-the-hood upgrades.

We've also added support for larger videos (5GB+), so you can quickly and easily share any video with your team.

Learn more about uploading videos to Rewatch.

The Rewatch app's invite member modal

Invite guests for external collaboration

The guest role allows your team to collaborate with people external to your organization, such as clients or contractors. It’s a secure way to open your Rewatch channel to anyone you need to work with.

Guests are only available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

Learn more about how guests work in Rewatch.

A green highlights button

Highlight the most important moments in your videos

Your videos contain a lot of valuable information, but finding the key insights in long recordings can be challenging. Now you can highlight the most important moments in your videos, so it's easy for everyone on your team to get up to speed.

Show your team where to focus their attention

When you highlight parts of your video, they'll show up in bright green for everyone to see. Whether your team is watching the recording or reading the transcript, now they can jump right to these key moments.

Animated GIF showing a cursor clicking the highlight button and the corresponding transcript text receiving a bright green highlight background

Get caught up in minutes with highlight reels

Imagine catching up on a 60-minute meeting with a 5-minute highlight reel. 🤩 After a video has been highlighted, your team will see an option to just play the highlights, so they can get up to speed, fast.

Illustration of two video players with an arrow showing that clicking the highlight button will reduce the watch time from 1 hour down to 5 minutes

Make your videos easy to navigate

Whether it's All-Hands meetings or customer calls, you likely cover a lot of ground in your videos. Add titles to your highlights, so your team can easily spot and watch the parts that are most relevant to them.

Video player with highlighted segments on the play track

Get started with Highlights

To get started, just select part of your video's transcript and click the highlight button that shows up to the right. You and your team can also add comments to highlights and keep the conversation going.

Learn more about creating highlights in Rewatch.

A modal with Rewatch's upload and collection permission controls

Control which members or groups can create top-level collections

Putting your videos into collections helps you stay organized and helps your team to browse and find videos topically. Now you can let specific members or groups help organize your channel by giving them permission to create top-level collections.

Learn more about how permissions work in Rewatch.

The Rewatch App's search page

Filter search results by collection or participants

Now you can narrow and customize your search results with filters and find the information you need faster. You can filter by a specific collection, videos with a specific participant, or a combination of the two. When you start a new search from a specific collection or on a participant's page, we'll automatically apply a filter to narrow down your results.

We've also added the ability to sort your search results, so you can prioritize newest or oldest videos.

A modal with Rewatch's embed settings

More flexible permissions for embedding videos in your favorite tools

With embeds, you can add Rewatch videos wherever your team needs to see them. If you're updating your internal wiki, you can easily share the latest All-Hands. Or, if you're working on an issue in GitHub, you can reference decisions made in a recent meeting.

We've made our embed permissions more flexible, so it's even easier for your team to share just the right context. For new channels, video embeds are now enabled by default. This means your team no longer has to ask an admin for every video they want to embed.

We've also made it simpler for admins to manage who can create and watch embedded videos and where they can be embedded.

Learn more about embedding videos.

A modal with Rewatch's video sharing information

Share videos with people outside your team

We know that getting work done can involve a lot of people, both on your team and outside of it. Now, in Rewatch, you have the option to share your videos externally – whether that’s with customers, strategic partners, or freelancers and agencies who support your team.

You and any admins can share your videos to the web. Once a video has been shared, anyone with the link can watch the video and read the transcript. You can turn off sharing at any time.

Need a little bit more security? You can restrict the ability to share publicly to just admins or turn off sharing entirely. Admins can also see and track every video that’s been shared from your channel, right in the admin console.

Learn more about sharing videos to the web.

A diagram of searchable items in Rewatch

Search upgrades – find people, collections, and more videos

Rewatch makes it easy for you and your team to search the contents of your videos. Now, finding what you need is even easier with these upgrades:

  • People and collection results are now shown in addition to your video results.
  • You can click on the highlighted text snippets to jump right to that spot in your video.
  • Just keep scrolling to load more videos when the first few aren't what you need.
  • Results are now shown full-screen so you can focus and find what you need.
  • View all your highlighted text snippets on mobile web too.
A link icon with a gradient background

File and cloud attachments, improved notifications, import from Loom

You can now add attachments to your videos! Upload a file from your computer or attach a doc from Google, Airtable, Notion, or Figma.

Other feature updates and improvements

  • You can now import any public video from Loom via its URL.
  • Notification emails now show video previews and comments.
  • Member lists in the admin console can now be sorted and filtered by role.
  • Welcome emails are now sent to admins and members after they create their account.
  • Synced Google Meet recordings can now be identified by the meeting ID and filename.
  • You can now edit transcripts for videos that you upload.
  • Improved onboarding in the app to make getting started easier.
  • Improved several redirects thoughout the app.
  • Added support for members with scheduling privilege in Zoom.
A bar graph icon with a golden yellow background

Open signup, channel analytics, and new Zoom integration

Rewatch is now open for signup! For pricing details, check out our plans.

Other feature updates and improvements

  • Improved Zoom integration allows user to see all their upcoming meetings and easily sync them to Rewatch.
  • Speaker detection has been added to all transcripts. Recordings from Zoom automatically identify speakers.
  • Channel analytics are now available in the admin console and allow admins to understand the activity inside their channel.
  • Collection admins launched for customers on the Business plan. Learn more here
  • We’ve made several improvements to the collection edit page UI to make it easier to manage admins and members.
  • We’ve finally built in a forgot password flow for teams using basic email/password login.
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New domain name, synced meetings improvements, and Collection Admin beta

We're excited to announce that we've acquired! All existing links will continue to work, but should be redirected.

Feature updates and improvements

  • Synced Meetings now allow you to create private videos automatically.
  • We are beta testing the new Collection Admins feature, allowing you to delegate permissions to manage a collection. Let us know if you want to opt-in.
  • User will now be notified via email whenever a new recording is available to import from Zoom.
  • Improved collection suggestions when attaching videos to collections
  • Refined the interaction around selecting and commenting sections of the transcript
  • Users can now automatically delete any recordings on Zoom once they've been synced to Rewatch.
  • Any synced meeting can now automatically record once the meeting has started.
  • Fixed various bugs around links in comments
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Transcript auto-scroll, analytics date ranges, and GitHub embeds

Following along with a video's transcript is now easier than ever. While playing any video you can click the auto-scroll icon to have the page keep the transcript visible and in sync with the video.

Other feature updates and improvements

  • We no longer send email notifications to disabled members
  • Users are now notified when they are @-mentioned in a video's description
  • Fixed several z-index issues that were causing visual issues throughout the application
  • Videos analytics can now be shown based on a date range
  • Comments can now be removed from a video's transcript
  • Notifications can now be sent to private Slack channels
  • Fixed a bug where users were unable to import from a shared Google Drive
Rewatch's choose-a-channel screen

Multi-channel support & additional SAML providers

You can now be invited to multiple channels with the same email. On login, we'll let you select which channel you want to access.

Other feature updates and improvements

  • Video titles wrap to two lines now.
  • Cue highlights no longer break after editing a transcript
  • We now support SAML SSO via Azure and Google
  • Various visual bugs have been fixed
  • Avatars no longer stretch it the original image isn't a perfect square.
  • Various performance improvements
Rewatch's redesigned home screen

Simplified navigation and new collection bulk actions

We've redesigned our app navigation to make it simpler and faster to get around. Every user's personal video library and synced meetings from Zoom and Google Meets are now a single click away.

Collection bulk actions

We've added more control over your collections with bulk actions. You can now update the visibility and move multiple videos at a time inside in the collection admin view.

Collection Bulk Actions

Other feature updates and improvements

  • Groups can now be given access to secret collections and optionally auto-subscribed to them too.
  • The keyboard shortcut for entering a video’s fullscreen mode works correctly now.
  • Added support for audio-only Zoom recordings.
  • Reduced the size of the channel cover image on wide displays.
  • Subtitles have been moved out of the settings popover and are now easier to toggle with a single click.
  • Additional playback speeds (1.25x and 1.75x) are now available.
  • Fixed several redirects in the app settings screens.
  • Auto-tagging people from a Zoom call is now more reliable.
  • Comments and transcript highlighting no longer break after editing the transcript.
Rewatch's collection page

Nested Collections and improved transcript comments

Nested Collections

You can now create nested collections and build out a heirarchy of organization for your videos. A simple breadcrumb navigation is created automatically so you can quickly browse your team’s library of video content.


Redesigned comments, now directly on the transcript

We’ve completely redesigned our commenting system to allow you to more easily follow along and collaborate directly on a video’s transcript. You can also now reply to comments to have clearer conversations and, as always, emoji and @mentions are readily available.

Other feature updates

  • SCIM provisioning: Admins can enable SCIM provisioning in their SAML settings. Learn more →
  • Download videos: Admins and video owners can now download the original video locally.
  • Pick a thumbnail: You can now select any frame from your video and set it as the video’s thumbnail.
  • Multi-select has been enabled on the Google Drive file picker.
  • An issue has been resolved where notifications weren’t being sent from subscriptions.
  • Collection search results are now higher up so that they more visible.
  • The Slack integration no longer periodically posts two notifications into your team’s channel.
  • Member invites now last 30 days.
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Google Drive and Google Meets integration plus video trimming

Google Drive integration with Meets sync

Import videos and sync your Google Meets recordings to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your video calls. Learn more →

Video trimmer

Video trimmer

We now give you the ability to trim your videos. This solves a common problem for folks that have minutes of awkward silence at the beginning and end of your meeting recordings. Learn more →

Other feature updates

  • Subscriptions: You can now subscribe to collections that matter to you. You will receive email notifications when new videos are added any collection you’re subscribed to.
  • Auto-subscribe groups: Admins can auto-subscribe groups to collections to help with onboarding their teams. Learn more →
Rewatch's manage videos modal

Bulk actions in the Admin Console

Bulk actions

We've added more control over your channel’s video library with bulk actions. You can now update the visibility and add collections to multiple videos at once.

Other updates

  • Reorder collections: Customize your collections list by click dragging to reorder your collections how you see fit.
  • Saving drafts is possible now without publishing the video to your channel right away. Look for the "Save & keep as draft" button.
  • More secure change password flow that requires you to enter you current password before changing it.
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Updated video management, dark mode support for embeds, and more

  • Better video adder allows user to more easily add videos to collections without continuously opening and closing the add video dialog.
  • Simpler video pinning: We've made it easier to pin video to the homepage from anywhere. Look for the pin dialog on the channel homepage.
  • Unfurl links in Slack: Now when you paste a Rewatch video link into Slack, it will automatically be expanded to show information about that video.
  • Dark mode support for collection embeds makes your embeds blend in better with your app's theme.
  • Clearer private video indicator on the video page makes it easier to see when a video is private and what that means for visibility.
Slack and Rewatch logos

Slack integration: Notify your team of new videos

Slack integration

Our new slack integration lets you send notifications of new videos in Rewatch to any of your team's Slack channels. Learn more →

Other updates

  • Zoom integration improvements: Member now have the ability to import past meetings.
  • Groups: Admins can now create groups of members and add them to collections more quickly. These groups can also be managed in Okta.
  • Easier access to analytics: A video's analytics can now be easily accessed directly from the video page.
  • Quick video filtering: The admin screen now allows you to quickly filter based on a simple text search.
A window with Rewatch's user videos page open

Member video uploads, automatic subtitles, and editable transcriptions

Member video uploads

Members now have the ability to upload and manage their own videos! This allows teams to work more fluidly all in one place. The new management pages also give each member the ability to easily share videos with their team.

Other updates

  • Automatic subtitles: Every video is given subtitles automatically in addition to the readable tanscript.
  • See who has watched a video: Video analytics pages now show who has seen a video and how much of the video they’ve watched.
  • Upload custom thumbnails: Users can now give each video a custom thumbnail rather than using the generated options.
  • Set the date on a video: Uploading a video a few days later than the event's date? You can now set the date of any video.
  • Edit transcripts: Transcripts can now be improved manually when errors occur.
  • Clearer encoding progress: Percentages are now soon to give more clarity into the progress of a given video's ecoding process.
  • Better pagination support: Pages load faster and only show a limited number of videos per page.
Rewatch video analytics page

Video Analytics: Understand who's watching

Video Analytics

We’ve shipped video analytics! Now, every video comes with its own analytics page that gives you insight into what parts of your video are being watched and the average amount of time people spend watching.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Video and collection embeds: Integrate seamlessly into your internal wikis, blogs, or intranet so you can distribute your video content wherever your team needs it.
  • Secret collections: Create a space inside your channel to organize videos that are only meant for a small, private group of people.
  • Commenting at a timestamp: Annotate your videos and focus each video’s conversation.
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SAML SSO via Okta, new help center, and simpler video sharing

SAML SSO with Okta

Our SAML integration with Okta allows you to more easily manage access to your channel by allowing your team to log in through your existing, secure SSO provider. The integration uses Just-in-Time provisioning so each new member of your channel will have their account provisioned when they sign in for the first time. Learn how to get things set up here.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Sharing videos at a specific timestamp so you never have to tell someone to skip to minute 23 of a video.
  • Help center that documents Rewatch's features and serves as a helpful quide for running your channel. Check it out at
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Zoom integration and dark mode

New features and improvements

  • Dark mode Each member can set their own preferred appearance in their personal settings.
  • Improved transcription search allow your team to stop wasting time and search keywords directing in any video. Click the timestamp to jump directly to that point in the video.
  • Zoom integration Sync a meeting or webinar ID to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your Zoom calls. You can install the integration from your channel admin settings or from the Zoom Marketplace.
  • Watchlists that integrate seamlessly into your internal wikis, blogs, or intranet and allow you to distribute your video content wherever you need it.
  • Profiles give you a clear view into your organization and what videos each person has uploaded or is tagged in.
  • Likes let your team show support for the videos they find helpful or informative.
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New responsive video player plus additional video permissions

  • Responsive video player thats works on any device so that your can access your team’s videos from anywhere.
  • Comments & @mentions give your team agency to engage with your videos and continue productive conversations.
  • Mobile improvements that make it easy to watch to admin and brose your channel on any device.
  • People tags allow you to quick see who's in a given video and see more videos with that person.
  • Video permissions make sure your videos are only seen by the right people.
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Bulk uploading, automatic transcriptions, and customizable channel

  • Pinned videos allow you to feature your most important videos on your channel home or collection.
  • Bulk video uploading makes it easy to upload a large number of videos at once. We'll email you when they're done encoding.
  • Upload from Dropbox allows you to easily migrate over videos you've previously stored in Dropbox.
  • Pick your thumbnail to customize how your video shows up in the channel.
  • Customizable channel covers let your channel reflect your brand and seamlessly integrates into your team's workflow.
  • Automatic transcriptions make every video readable and searchable in your channel.
  • Pinned collections curate your channel by pinned collections to your channel home.
  • Invite member flow allows you to quickly invite you team.