October 27, 2022

Collaborating without a meeting is easier than ever with Series

Series are a new way for you to stay connected with your team, wherever you work. Record quick videos to share what you’re up to—and let your team catch up on their own time and schedule.

A series is a collaborative space where team members can share updates on a specific project, task, or topic. We think they’re great for replacing those “status update” meetings (like a daily standup), as well as bringing your team together, even if you’re remote, or not always in the same space at the same time. Series enables teams to spend less time scheduling and attending meetings, and makes it easier to stay on top of the things you care most about.

Here’s a look at what we’ve added:

  • Recent Highlights series: If your channel has any video highlights, you’ll notice a new series called “Recent Highlights”. We’ve compiled highlights from all videos into a single viewing experience, with full commenting and sharing capabilities.
  • Creating a custom series: Creating a series for your team is easy – simply give it a title and decide who can contribute (or leave it open for the whole channel to add to). For status updates and other recurring events, you can even add reminders that notify contributors when it’s time to add a video.
  • Tools for creating and recording: Our desktop screen recorder and mobile apps are now equipped with new tools for sharing your work and ideas. Now, alongside recording a video and or capturing your screen, you can create quick, custom, slide presentations to share with your team.
  • View, comment, and share: The series viewer compiles videos from the team into a single, immersive experience (but with the same transcript and commenting capabilities you’ve grown accustomed to). Add in indicators for “unwatched” videos, and catching up with your teammates is quicker than ever before.

Read why we built series on our blog, or learn more about using series in the help center.