December 8, 2022

Hubspot and Salesforce Integrations

Good news if you spend a lot of time bouncing between your calendar, Rewatch, and your CRM software: Rewatch now offers integrations with both Hubspot and Salesforce. With these enabled, Rewatch will create a Hubspot/Salesforce event when it finds a meeting on your calendar that includes a contact from your CRM.

To enable this feature, have your channel admin connect your CRM software via the Integrations tab in the Rewatch admin console.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added a message to indicate when a video's transcript has been edited, and by whom
  • Updated the homepage navigation to group together content on the sidebar
  • Added horizontal scroll controls when the series list on the home page gets too long
  • Improved the description of “impressions” on the analytics page to make the data more understandable
  • Created a link in the profile dropdown that gives group members of a view of the groups they are in
  • Fixed a bug where using the spacebar was causing the series play to act abnormally