Don’t settle for the standard in conversation intelligence.

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    AI Meeting assistant

    Never miss details again. Rewatch records, summarizes, and shares meeting notes and action items seamlessly.

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    Screen recorder

    Record, polish, and share personalized outreach and demos with a powerful desktop or mobile app.

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    Coaching for everyone

    Any manager can easily review employee calls, provide feedback and 1:1 coaching, or create playlists that feature training examples from other managers and teammates.

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    Company-wide access

    Everyone from Sales and Product to C-Suite and Marketing can access key customer and prospect calls.

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    Real-time topic alerts

    Subscribe to keyword mentions, video collections, tags, or team members. Receive immediate email or chat alerts after a meeting ends.

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    Automated knowledge hub

    Leverage the reality of your organization and ROI of each conversation. No outdated databases or lost insights.

3 ways Rewatch revamps conversation intelligence

Maximize customer insights, minimize costs, and turn the voice of your customer into a growth driver with Rewatch.

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    Universal utility

    Rewatch isn’t just for Sales; it’s for everyone. Create a united conversation front, while consolidating your tech stack to an all-in-one solution featuring a robust screen recorder and conversation intelligence. Experience improved user productivity, streamlined management, and optimized resource utilization.

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    Massive savings

    Say goodbye to the expensive conversation intelligence platforms that drain your budget. Rewatch delivers a remarkable 70% cost savings compared to popular platforms without sacrificing quality.

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    Swift integration

    Seamlessly integrate Rewatch with your meeting platform, CRM, and other best-in-class tools in your workflow. Your team can start benefiting within a day, with minimal training and onboarding — plus easy migration of videos from your old platform.

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Rewatch enables a different kind of serendipity. When you can record all the conversations that are happening, anyone at the company can be in two places at once.


Zack Kanter

Founder & CEO

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Rewatch FAQs

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    What is Rewatch?

    Rewatch revolutionizes the way organizations operate by cutting through the noise of unnecessary meetings, streamlining information-sharing, and boosting productivity with a modern, knowledge engine that provides AI-powered insights based on real-time happenings.

    With Rewatch’s native iOS/Android mobile apps and desktop screen recorder, you gain access to AI-driven meeting summaries, creative screen and camera recording, and a collaborative video hub that seamlessly integrates with your team’s preferred tools. You can also share recordings internally or externally through direct access link or embed.

  • 02.
    How can Rewatch benefit my organization?

    Rewatch can save your company time and money by reducing the need for excessive meetings, making necessary meetings more productive through AI-powered insights, and ensuring consistent, efficient sharing of valuable information and insights.

  • 03.
    How does Rewatch stand out from its competitors?

    Unlike many competitors, Rewatch offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution, merging enterprise-grade features with user-friendliness, ensuring both functionality and ease of use.

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    How does the AI-driven meeting summary work?

    Using advanced AI algorithms, Rewatch can quickly analyze meeting content and provide concise, actionable summaries, ensuring that key points and decisions are captured and easily accessible. Rewatch’s AI also delivers transcripts in multiple languages.

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    What is the purpose of the collaborative video hub?

    The video hub serves as a centralized platform where teams can store, share, and collaborate on videos, making it a single source for all video content and ensuring easy access, searchability, and collaboration.

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    Can I share my Rewatch videos?

    Yes! You can easily share a Rewatch video internally or externally. Invite anyone to view by giving them video access, copy and share the direct link, or embed the video.

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    Can I use Rewatch for screen and camera recording?

    Absolutely. Rewatch offers creative screen and camera recording options, allowing teams to create and/or capture presentations, tutorials, demos, and more with ease.

  • 08.
    How does Rewatch promote knowledge sharing within an organization?

    By consolidating meeting summaries, video recordings, and other content in a centralized platform, Rewatch encourages effortless dissemination of information, allowing employees to access and share knowledge seamlessly.

  • 09.
    How secure is my data with Rewatch?

    Rewatch prioritizes data security, utilizing enterprise-grade security measures to ensure that your organization's information remains confidential and protected.

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    Is Rewatch suitable for large enterprises?

    Yes, Rewatch is designed with both SMEs and large enterprises in mind. Its features are user-friendly and built to scale and cater to the diverse needs of growing organizations.

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    Does Rewatch have integrations?

    Yes, Rewatch has native integrations that ensure it fits seamlessly into your existing workflows and tooling.

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    How can I get started with Rewatch?

    Start using Rewatch for free, choose a plan that fits your needs, or contact our sales team for a demo or to get more information on plans and pricing tailored for your organization. There’s no drawn-out implementation period with Rewatch: sign up for a plan, record your first meeting, and see the benefits of a more productive and collaborative workflow today.