Introducing Series — a new way to collaborate without a meeting.

Rewatch Series make it easier than ever to keep everyone on your team informed and aligned.

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Here at Rewatch, we believe the future of work is all about flexibility, connection, and transparency. We work every day to build products that create a level playing field for teams no matter where or when they work. That’s why we’re introducing two exciting new features today:

  • Series - a new video feed that makes it easier than ever to keep everyone informed
  • Video recorder - a new way to creatively share ideas and work through video

Stay current with recent highlights

Your first series is created for you and can be found directly on your Home tab. It’s called Recent Highlights, and it’s an auto-generated compilation of every highlight from the videos on your channel. This series compresses hours of video into short snippets of actionable information you need to stay connected to your team’s work. In minutes you can catch up and comment on hours of content from your team's project updates, sales calls, leadership comms and more. New highlights are automatically added to the series for you, so you can keep up with a click.

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Stay connected, without the meeting

Scheduling and attending a meeting simply to provide a status update, share an idea, or say something for the 20th time is a lot of work, and usually isn’t the best use of anyone’s time.

Now, your team can replace repetitive, in-person meetings with a collaborative series that every team member can contribute to. Need recurring updates? Enable reminders to automatically prompt team members to add their video updates – no more wrangling calendars or pestering teammates to share their work with everyone. You can even subscribe and share, to make sure you’re always in the know.

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A series can be about anything you want, but here are just a few suggestions:

  • 📅 Project updates & walkthroughs – Send recurring reminders to add an update, and let the team catch up on their own time.
  • 📣 Leadership updates – Create a personal space for leadership to communicate informally with the team.
  • 👋 Welcome wagons – Say hello to a new teammate with a series of personalized video greetings.
  • 🎉 Social threads – Bring the team together, even when apart, by sharing book recommendations, weekend plans, and more.

Series is available today on the web, iOS, and Android. It’s easier than ever to stay connected and aligned with your team’s work.

New tools for creating video

We're also releasing a brand new video recorder for creating expressive and creative video messages for your team. Now it’s fun and easy to quickly share videos with your team, whether it’s a status update, a screenshare of something you need feedback on, or an answer to a frequent question.

Rather than reducing you to an avatar in a never-ending stream of chats, our recorder gives you a simple canvas to express the details and nuance around your work and record them with emojis, images, text, voice-over, and of course, your smiling face if you want. After recording, you can upload directly to a series or publish as a standalone video.

Start sharing today

Getting started with our new recording tools is quick and easy. Download our desktop app and get the updated mobile app. You’ll be recording and sharing your first video in no time.

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