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All of the context. All in one place.

With Rewatch, you can record, organize, and share the videos that your team needs to do their best work. It’s context and clarity, for everyone.

Collaborate in one place, at any time

Your ideas, strategic analysis, and product updates are available on-demand so your team can get the information they need to stay informed whenever they need it. Everyone can watch on any device, from anywhere.

Keep everyone on the same page

Don’t fret if you or someone on your team can’t make it to a meeting. Rewatch organizes and distributes every meeting and its transcript so that everyone can track what’s happening and continue collaborating cross-functionally. It’s easier than ever to keep your meetings small, short, and focused.

Share insights from customers

Stop spending hours compiling notes and write-ups from your customer interviews only to finally share your insights weeks too late. Rewatch allows you to share your interview recordings and annotate the best insights so your team hears from their customers. You can even @mention the team members directly that would benefit the most.

Quickly find the right information

On average, people waste almost 10 hours a week just looking for information scattered all over the place. Rewatch allows you and your team to quickly search the full spoken text of all your product reviews and team meetings videos. Every video is automatically transcribed so you can search everything.

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One huge benefit of using Rewatch for remote work is being able to consume reality in 33% less time. Rewatch has fundamentally changed the way we work for the better.


Zack Kanter

Founder & CEO

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Move faster with async collaboration.

Swap more meetings for better teamwork. By bringing your meetings and projects into Rewatch, your team can share ideas, leave feedback, and make decisions asynchronously. Coordinate your work, not time zones and schedules.

Get everyone on the same page, finally.

Aligning your team shouldn’t require a scavenger hunt for information. Whether it’s highlights from last January's company all-hands or the current roadmap, Rewatch makes it fast and easy for your team to get context they need—so priorities are clear and work stays focused.

Build a connected company culture.

Bring everyone together even when you’re apart. Rewatch lets your team quickly record and share videos to welcome new hires, celebrate accomplishments, and update each other about work and life outside of it.

Stay close to your customers.

Customers are your company’s heartbeat. But the bigger your team gets, the harder it is to stay close. Rewatch keeps their voices heard across your company, so your team can build better product—and sell more of it, too.

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Connected with the way you work.

Rewatch integrates with the tools you use. Spend less time managing your videos and more time getting value from them.

See why the fastest growing startups love Rewatch.

By having all our meetings and videos in Rewatch, everyone can see where the vision is going and where we’re pivoting – and we can truly align the whole company.
Dana Stocking
Workplace Technology Manager

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