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March 2, 2023

Automated AI Summaries

Automatic AI-powered summaries are now available for all your videos. Now, every recording that’s added to your channel will summarized into a list of key points, each with a link to the moment in the video where it occurred.

We tested this feature internally for a few weeks, and it quickly made a huge impact on how we work together. Here are a few reasons we think you’ll like it too:

  • Forget the tedium of recapping your recording. Stop spending time and energy transcribing your notes and writing comprehensive descriptions before sharing your recording. AI summaries take care of that as soon as the video is ready.
  • Catch up on meetings you didn’t attend. No more wondering what happened during a meeting. Quickly scan the meeting summary to get a quick overview of what transpired, and jump to any moment that you need to see for yourself.
  • Keep track of what happened, even after it happened. Summaries aren’t only useful for immediate recaps, they also provide an easy-to-reference overview for when you need to find that time you talked about that thing.

Summaries will be automatically generated for every new recording you add to Rewatch. You can also generate them for your existing videos by navigating to the video page and clicking the "Generate Summary" button below the description.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added ability to copy a thumbnail link for clips
  • Improved the accessibility of the main app sidebar
  • Improved the accessibility of the play highlights button
  • Improved the behavior of reactions in the series player when the transcript has not been truncated
  • Fixed an issue where long video titles weren't wrapping to a new line after being edited
  • Fixed an issue causing non-synced meetings to display in the "synced only" meetings filter
  • Fixed an issue where the edit details page was causing errors on clips that have changed permission