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February 15, 2023

Use emojis to react to a video while you watch

Sometimes it feels like it’s too much to post a comment just to say: "nice", "love it", or "great job" — so we end up just not saying anything at all 😢. With emoji reactions you can now immediately express sentiments like these while watching any video on Rewatch with just a click or a tap 👏.

Illustration of a toolbar for adding reactions

To start, we’ve baked in a handful of reactions for you to use:

  • ❤️ - Great for saying “love it”, expressing solidarity, or thanks
  • 🎉 - Share in a celebration or express your excitement
  • 👏 - Applaud someone's efforts or say "great job”
  • 😆 - Chuckle along with someone or add some levity
  • 🤯 - Share your surprise or stand in awe of someone's work
  • 😢 - Commiserate over a tough moment or loss

When you react, you’re giving a bit of feedback, acknowledgement, and energy to whoever’s taken the time to share with you via video — that can mean a lot. That’s why in Rewatch, reactions don’t just sit there for nobody to see, they’re actually delivered to the recipient as positive vibes that animate for them to enjoy.

Illustration of a reaction notification receiving applause, tada, and a heart

So the next time you’re feeling happy, excited, thankful, or anything else when watching a video, be sure to share a reaction — you'll brighten someone’s day!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Added video analytics for Series videos
  • Added support for translating transcripts to Tagalog
  • Added menu option to copy a video link from its thumbnail and in the video library
  • Added ability to connect a secret collections to a private Slack channel
  • Improved playback controls for video players
  • Improved video transcript layout and their action menus
  • Improved controls for managing which collections a guest can access
  • Improved accessibility of mobile navigation menu
  • Improved reliability of automated meeting recording
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a dropdown inadvertently selected all the text
  • Fixed an issue with the form for getting a linked timestamp