January 10, 2023

Desktop Camera Recorder

We have added the ability to record via your device's camera using our Mac and Windows desktop recorders. This change makes it easier than ever to create quick video updates and messages on Rewatch. This is especially handy if your team is using a Series to replace stand-ups and other repetitive status meetings.

As always, you can also use the desktop app to record your screen, create a quick canvas presentation, or record a GIF. Download the Rewatch desktop app today!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Disabled the "Post comment" button when uploading an image to avoid upload errors
  • Fixed a bug when uploading videos from the "Edit collection" page
  • Video uploaders can now embed their private videos
  • Updated the video publishing flow to reduce unintentional publishing
  • Updated the API to improve uploading of large files
  • Added Afrikaans to list of supported languages for translation