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    • Record Zoom, Google Meet, & Teams

    • Desktop Screen Recorder

    • iOS & Android apps

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    • Granular roles & permissions

    • Full video analytics

    • Transcript translation in 30+ languages

    • Developer API access

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    • Advanced user management

    • SAML Single sign-in

    • User provisioning with SCIM

    • SOC 2 Type II reports annually

    • ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 reports

    • HIPAA compliance

    • ROI analytics dashboard

    • Custom onboarding

    • Migration support

    • Advanced audit logging

    • Secure sharing via email

    • Secure video watermarking

    • Retention policies

    • 99.99% Uptime SLA

    • Premium support & dedicated rep

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That’s the salary cost of a combined 3,840 meeting hours.

Calculator icon Crunch the numbers for your team

Savings with Rewatch


Meeting time saved

765 hours

Pays for itself in

3 weeks
Save time and gain flexibility with AI catch-ups, async meetings, and watch later capabilities. Info icon

Savings are calculated based on average usage across paying customers.

  • AI catch-up savings: when AI summaries/transcripts are used to reference meeting info without watching the full recording.
  • Watch later savings: when actively watching meeting recordings at increased speeds, saving time compared to attending live.
  • Async meetings: when people upload screen recordings instead of scheduling meetings, everyone gains time and flexibility.
  • Workspace

    • Minimum users

      • 1
      • 3
      • 50
    • Maximum users

      • 5
      • 250
      • Unlimited
    • Number of videos

      • 15/month
      • Unlimited
      • Unlimited
    • Collections Info icon

      Easily organize content in Rewatch
    • Sub-collections Info icon

      • Close icon
      Additional layers of folder-like organization in Rewatch
    • Custom vocabulary Info icon

      • Close icon
      Add custom vocabulary such as abbreviations, jargon, acronyms, names, and more to improve transcriptions
    • Keyword subscriptions Info icon

      • Close icon
      Subscribe to specified words and get notified when they’re mentioned
    • Video analytics Info icon

      • View count only
      Insights into how people are viewing your content
    • ROI analytics dashboard Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      Organization-wide insights into Rewatch usage and its money and time-saving impact
    • Migration support Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      The Rewatch team will help transfer an existing video library into your new Rewatch Channel
    • White-gloved onboarding Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      A team-member from Rewatch helps onboard your team
    • Uptime SLA

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      • 99.99%
    • Priority support Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Prioritized Email
      • Rep/Phone/Slack Support
      Get help quickly from Rewatch’s customer success team
  • AI meeting assistant

    • Meeting notes Info icon

      • 5/month
      • Unlimited
      • Unlimited
      Automatic meeting notes, generated by AI, help users catch up in less time.
    • Action items Info icon

      Rewatch AI identifies and assigns action items from each meeting, keeping teams on track.
    • Meeting recap emails Info icon

      A recap email is automatically sent to all meeting invitees.
    • Video transcriptions Info icon

      Automated transcriptions for video, Series, and clips
    • Time-stamped chapters Info icon

      Rewatch's time-stamped chapters make it easy to locate specific segments of meetings.
    • Multi-language closed captioning Info icon

      Add captions to any video. Select from 31 languages.
    • Titles for video highlights Info icon

      Rewatch AI generates titles for video highlights.
    • Transcript translation Info icon

      • Close icon
      Translate transcripts to over 30 different languages
    • Automations Info icon

      • Close icon
      Record and share meetings automatically with tailored AI-generated meeting notes.
    • AI note templates Info icon

      • Close icon
      Customize your meeting notes automatically with AI prompts pre-built for different types of meetings.
    • Template customizations Info icon

      • Close icon
      Edit our pre-built AI meeting note templates or build your own collections of AI prompts.
  • Record

    • Video uploads Info icon

      • up to 15/month
      Upload videos from the Rewatch screen recorder, your device, or one of our integrations, including Zoom, Teams, Dropbox and Loom.
    • Meeting recording Info icon

      Automatically record and sync Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams video meetings with Rewatch
    • Calendar sync Info icon

      Automatically record and sync scheduled video meetings from Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to Rewatch
    • Default auto-recording Info icon

      Opt to automatically record every video meeting with Rewatch, by default
    • Screen recorder app Info icon

      Create effortless screen recordings and video presentations in Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • Share

    • Automated sharing Info icon

      Build custom automations to record and share meetings automatically with tailored AI-generated meeting notes.
    • Share via email Info icon

      Invite team members to view videos via email
    • Share via direct link Info icon

      Share a direct video link with internal and external collaborators.
    • Share via integration Info icon

      Connect your go-to tools to automatically share videos where your team already works and communicates.
    • Share via embed Info icon

      Embed Rewatch video thumbnails in 3rd party apps and tools
    • Downloads Info icon

      Download an mp4 of your videos. Admins can control download permissions
    • Clips Info icon

      Trim and clip part of a video so you can easily share the most relevant moments — without sharing private, full-length videos
  • Admin

    • Collection admins Info icon

      Set user roles per collection
    • Share and download permissions Info icon

      Admins keep meeting content secure with powerful permission controls over who can share, download, or view videos.
    • Private collections Info icon

      • Close icon
      Set restrictions on who views specific collections in Rewatch
    • Private videos Info icon

      • Close icon
      Set restrictions on who views specific videos in Rewatch
    • Member groups Info icon

      • Close icon
      Assign users to groups that manage permissions
    • Guests Info icon

      • Close icon
      Users who can only view content in your Rewatch Channel
  • Security

    • Google SSO Info icon

      Users can sign in with their company-issued Google identity
    • Audit logging Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      Log Rewatch events alongside user information
    • Custom Terms of Service

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
    • ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 reports

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
    • Retention policies Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      Automate how long videos are being kept on your channel
    • SAML Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      Integrate Rewatch with your identity provider
    • SCIM Provisioning Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      Automate user management and syncing
    • Secure watermarking Info icon

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
      Add custom watermarks to protect videos from redistribution
    • SOC 2 Type II reports annually

      • Close icon
      • Close icon
  • Integrations

    • API Info icon

      • Close icon
      Roll your own integrations using Rewatch’s API
    • Calendar Info icon

      Integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar to automatically record your meetings
    • Zoom Info icon

      Automatically record your Zoom meetings
    • Microsoft Teams Info icon

      Automatically record your Teams meetings
    • Google Meet Info icon

      Automatically record your Google Meet meetings
    • Slack Info icon

      Automatically notify Slack channels of activity in Rewatch
    • Video embeds Info icon

      Embed Rewatch video thumbnails in 3rd party apps and tools
    • Zapier Info icon

      Integrate Rewatch into workflows with no-code automations
    • Salesforce Info icon

      Connects to your team's calendar then syncs and creates a task in Salesforce with a link to the meeting recording
    • Hubspot Info icon

      Attaches AI meeting notes to a task in Hubspot for all contacts in the meeting
    • Asana Info icon

      Create, link, and sync tasks with videos
    • Github Info icon

      Create, link, and sync issues with videos
    • Linear Info icon

      Create, link, and sync issues with videos
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