Looking back on everything Rewatch shipped in 2023

These are our favorite new product features and improvements we shipped in 2023 to help teams of all sizes eliminate unnecessary meetings and maintain their focus.

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There’s a lot of talk about what the “future of work” looks like, but we think everyone just wants their time back to actually do their work. People are tired of being stuck in meetings all day. Creating distraction-free work days is easier said than done, but we know it’s critical to being able to do your best, most meaningful work.

That mission is our singular focus, and our team spent 2023 continuously shipping new product features and improvements to help teams of all sizes eliminate unnecessary meetings and maintain their focus. We’re extremely proud of the progress we’ve made.

So with 2024 quickly approaching, we wanted to look back at all the great things we’ve shipped:

AI Recaps

To say AI exploded in 2023 would be an understatement. Here at Rewatch, we steered clear of the gimmicks and focused on implementing AI in the most pragmatic and useful ways possible. Our AI-generated meeting summaries and automatic recap emails are now core to the Rewatch experience and essential to how our customers save time and quickly catch-up on meetings. After a meeting ends, a recap email featuring the summary is sent to every invitee. Recipients can catch-up on key information quickly in their email, and easily access the full video, meeting highlights, summary, or transcript.

AI Action Items: best Rewatch product updates of 2024

AI Action items

Summaries of your meetings save you so much time but we know that the action items that come out of meeting is equally important for move work forward. That’s why we added support for automatically identifying actions items directly from your meetings. And we didn’t stop there. We expanded our GitHub integration to allow users to effortlessly create or link GitHub issues to these action items. When a GitHub issue is closed, the Rewatch action item will automatically be marked as complete, and vice-versa.

Automations: best Rewatch product updates of 2024


Automations allow you to, well, automate which meetings are recorded and what happens to the recording afterwards. You save time by not having to manually record or share one-off or reoccurring meetings. Similarly, your invitees, stakeholders, or anyone else who may need info from your meetings don’t have to remind you to share — or wait on you to remember.

Screen Recorder: best Rewatch product updates of 2024

macOS Screen Recorder

Our Screen Recorder saw a ton of improvements this year that simplify your asynchronous communication without another pesky meeting. Thanks to the new ability to select and record one window and the addition of customizable backdrops, users can now record, refine, and upload directly to Rewatch, all in one fluid motion without additional apps or post-processing steps.

Clip Videos: best Rewatch product updates of 2024


Clips allows you to make a new video from specific moments of any recording. Want to share a portion of a private meeting with your team? Need to discuss a moment with only a few members of your channel? It’s possible. And, the actions you take on the clip — publishing, commenting, even deleting — won’t affect the original video.

This is a just a short recap of all the things we shipped this year. We don’t have enough time to detail releases like our emoji reactions, Discord and Slack integration refinements, camera-only recording, search and navigation improvements, better collection management, video page redesign, countless bug fixes, and quality-of-life enhancements.

Looking back on everything we shipped in 2023 makes us even more excited for what’s coming in 2024. We can’t wait to show you! Want to explore these new features now? Give Rewatch a try or talk to our team about a custom plan.

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