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Rewatch product updates: Time-saving magic! 🪄

Plus: exciting new integrations and email meeting recaps

By Darcy Hogendorn in


This Quarter's updates make your team collaboration even smoother — and faster.

Keep your channels organized with Collections and Series Archiving, indulge in the convenience of Automatic Meeting Recaps, and revel in the magic of Automations.

Easily archive Collections & Series

Say hello to an even more organized video Dashboard! Easily archive any Collection or Series when you no longer need it.

Don't worry: unarchiving is just as easy. See how here.

Automatically receive email meeting recaps

Rewatch’s time-saving magic is now delivered straight to your inbox!

With automatic recaps, meeting invitees can easily review what was discussed during the meeting and start collaborating — even if they didn’t attend.

Automate recording and sharing meetings

Automate your knowledge-sharing workflow, then kick your feet up and enjoy knowing that every single stakeholder is always looped in — without any extra work on your end.

It’s truly easy as:

  1. Filter the meetings you want to automate.
  2. Set the rules aka how the videos are recorded, where they’re shared, and more.
  3. Relax. Go for a walk. Go watch Barbie for a third time. 🤷 It's your saved time to use.

New Integrations

Integrations with Lucid and Deel also help you work more efficiently. Embed a video directly into any Lucid board, or attach a Lucid board to your video description.

Deel users can sync their workspace so that new employees are automatically added to Rewatch; when someone leaves the organization, their access will be removed.

Curious to see our new features in action?

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