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July 24, 2023

Automations for Recording, Sharing, and Privacy

We obsess over meetings at Rewatch: how to make meetings more productive, how to focus better when we’re in a meeting, and, of course, how to eliminate meetings. Our newest update was built to address each of these questions: automations allow you to, well, automate which meetings are recorded and what happens to the recording afterwards.

Previously, you had to manually share and/or publish each meeting recording to individual channels. Now, you can automatically record meetings, then selectively publish, add to collections, and share with invitees, all according to rules you create.

Automations are composed of Filters & Actions

Filters determine which meetings are affected. You’re able to filter meetings by:

  • Meeting title: Including exact matches, and the presence or absence of specific words
  • Invitees: Target meetings with people internal or external to your organization
  • Organizer: Target just the meetings you create, or those created by others

Actions are what will happen after your meeting is recorded. You can automate the following processes:

  • Visibility: Control meeting privacy
  • Add to a collection: Send videos to the right collections
  • Share with invitees: Send invitees, including those who could not make it, a recap + access to the recording.

Once you’ve created an automation (or automations!), each of your upcoming meetings will be automatically filtered and processed based on the rules you established.

Automations are easy to stop & pause

You can always override or disable automations for specific meetings when they’re an exception to the rule. Additionally, channel admins can create automations and distribute them to the entire channel or specific groups of people.

Automations save users even more time

Customers will save time by not having to manually distribute each meeting they record. Similarly, invitees, stakeholders, or anyone else who may need info on reoccurring meetings will benefit from meetings being more consistently shared and distributed without reminding hosts to record and share.

How you’ll want to use Automations

📈Sales team trainings: Sales leaders regularly tell us how it’s impossible to get their reps to add extra workflow steps to their calls. With this update, a single automation can record all the team’s external sales calls and publish them to a collection where their leader can view and coach as needed — without sales reps forgetting to record or share the bad calls. Watch a how-to →

🎥Record everything - For high-transparency cultures, like Ray Dalio popularized, a single automation can handle recording and publishing all internal meetings by default. This is a true set-it-and-forget-it workflow. Watch a how-to →

👥Highly effective 1:1s - Make sure all your 1:1s are recorded, kept private, and immediately available to both attendees. Not only will managers and reports be more aligned, but Rewatch’s AI-generated action items will serve as true to-do lists. Watch a how-to →

💬Timely internal communications - Comms teams can automatically funnel broad-interest recordings to predefined and structured collections within their organization.