Supercharge your team’s visual collaboration with Rewatch's Lucid integration

The Rewatch-Lucid integration optimizes alignment and empowers your entire team.

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Automatic transcriptions. An AI assistant that automatically attends and records your meetings. Meeting recaps and action items, generated at lighting speed. Easy screen recording.

Rewatch's innovative features are designed to improve team productivity and streamline communication through video-powered knowledge sharing. Our new integration with Lucid, the industry-leading visual collaboration platform, takes this even further.

Enhance your workflow with two integrations at once

Live now, this integration works within both Rewatch and Lucid apps. Not only can Rewatch videos be included in any Lucidchart document or Lucidspark board for easy viewing within the intuitive interface; but Lucid projects can also be added straight to a Rewatch video, so stakeholders can view their collaborative canvas  alongside relevant meetings and recordings.

Benefit from combining visual collaboration platforms

We may be biased, but with such a seamless way to combine visual collaboration platforms, your most nagging question should be ‘how do we not use this integration?’.

To help, we want to share a few of our favorite ideas:

📈Automatically capture high-level recaps and project action items in your Rewatch-captured meetings. With the video seamlessly integrated into your Lucidchart document or Lucidspark board, it’s easy to search for, get, and share the information, and keep focus on what matters: your project.

🎥 Record a video of a product demo, design update, or feature request and drop it straight into Lucidchart, adding even more dynamic information to the diagramming process.

🤝 Relay customer or stakeholder feedback through video messages, added directly to Lucidchart or Lucidspark. Unlike in written feedback, teams can feel confident that the tone and message is accurately conveyed, leading to stronger alignment and teamwork.

🖇️ Attach a Lucidchart document or Lucidspark board to any video recorded within Rewatch. Meeting attendees and other stakeholders can view the document in tandem with the video, transcript, comments, and more.

👀 Ensure Rewatch recordings of each project meeting are viewable exactly where you need them within your Lucidspark scrum board, roadmap, workflow — or however your team collaborates.

🔋Automate alignment and stakeholder-inclusion: when you’ve integrated your Rewatch meetings and feedback into Lucid, anyone can receive realtime updates on your project. No long-winded emails, no cumbersome wiki entries, no out-of-the-loop teammates.

Lucid’s visual collaboration options are endless, and Rewatch’s seamless integrations work everywhere your team does — across Lucid, plus your other favorite tools and existing workflows.

Ensure alignment and streamline communication

As teams continue to embrace distributed work and asynchronous communication, the integration of Rewatch and Lucid offers a game-changing solution for companies seeking seamless collaboration. Through the power of video, anyone can effortlessly convey ideas, demonstrate products, and provide valuable context, ultimately driving faster decision-making and accelerating project timelines.

Supercharge your team’s collaboration with the Rewatch-Lucid integration — try it free today.

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