January 22, 2024

AI meeting notes templates: Customize your meeting notes automatically

Our new AI meeting notes templates enable teams to customize the AI-generated notes associated with each video. Users can choose from a set of “core” notes templates or can create templates that are tailored to fit their specific needs.

Previously, every video added to a Rewatch channel received the same AI-generated content: a recap paragraph and list of action items. This content alleviated the need to take meetings notes and provided a quick way to catch up on the video content. However, it often still left a lot of other questions unanswered particularly because different types of videos and meetings — project team updates, sales calls, company all-hands — need different types of questions answered.

Our custom templates let customers automatically surface AI-generated information based on the type of video or meeting, without having to write any prompts.

We’ve pre-built 7 AI notes templates for you:

📝 Team meeting: A recap of the meeting and a list of action items and follow-up tasks.

📞 Sales call: More information about your prospect, their needs, budget, decision process, and more.

👥 Customer check-in: Overview of the customer's experience with your product.

🔬 User research interview: Summary of the research participant and their product experience.

👔 Job interview: Recap of the job candidate's profile, key skills, and qualifications.

🚀 Project team update: Summary of the project's status, next steps, and current blockers or challenges.

🌐 Company all-hands: Overview of the key moments, an outline of major announcements, and list of questions asked.

Channel admins can modify these core templates by adding, removing, or re-ordering prompts. Channels on paid plans can also create new templates in addition to this core set.

How to change a video’s template:

There are three ways to adjust what template is utilized in your videos:

  • Automations: Using automations is the quickest way to set a notes template for large batches of videos. Already using an automation to record all Sales calls? You now can add the Sales Call notes template as part of your automation.
  • Meeting settings: For meeting recordings that are not being automated, customers can also choose to set the notes templates via their meeting settings. For a recurring meeting, this setting will also change all future instances of the meeting. Or you can build a new automation.
  • Video settings: Video owners can also change the template for an individual video via that video’s settings.

Visit our help center to learn more about using AI note templates, or try Rewatch free today.

Other improvements

  • For all Rewatchers:

    • Meeting participants are now automatically tagged in the recording
    • The Channel home page now displays a list of user’s upcoming meetings
    • Notifications are now enabled for completing action items
    • Multiple improvements to the Rewatch meeting recording flow, including enhanced notifications for recording consent
    • Animated GIFs can now be added to video comments
    • Clips can be downloaded — in addition to being shareable by link and embed
  • For Rewatch Channel Admins:

    • Channels on Team plans can now change their billing cycle
    • Admins can adjust Channel-level permissions controlling who can download videos