September 22, 2023

Unlock a better experience with Rewatch's video page redesign

The home page is the hub of the Rewatch platform. But the page where you actually watch a video? That’s the heart of your experience. We’ve redesigned video pages to make it easier for users to engage with videos and to collaborate with teammates.

If you watch the video above, or head to one of your own, you’ll immediately see these changes. Before, reading AI-generated notes, the video transcript, or comments/highlights meant a lot of scrolling up and down the page to find what you were looking for. Now, all of the important details you need are visible on your screen, at one time. Plus, we’ve built in more ways to navigate that content.

Here are a few of our favorite new details:

  • Simplified view for timeline-based content. AI-generated key moments now live directly under the video to the right of other content, like comments and the transcript, making all three sections visible at once. This makes the timeline-based information more useful.
  • Dedicated content section. Notes, comments, the transcription, and video settings now live in a dedicated section next to the video. You can easily switch between tabs to access the details you need and view alongside the video and summary items.
  • A single space for comments and discussions. Since the comments are part of the dedicated content section, all of your discussions are in a single aggregated spot. This makes it easy to catch up on different threads, while also cutting down on duplicate conversations that could easily happen with the previous UI.
  • Sticky content navigation bar. A bonus we love: the content section’s nav bar is sticky. Scroll through the transcript or comments, and the nav bar stays with you so you can easily hop over to another section at any time.
  • New ways to comment. Add a comment from the transcript, from the video, or directly in the comment section. The comments will stay time-stamped, no matter how you engage.
  • Automatic transcript scroll. By default, the transcript now scrolls in tandem with the video. If you scroll to a different timestamp than the video, a “jump to current position” button will pop up so you can easily get back in-time.

Other improvements

  • Rename your Rewatch recorder. You can now control what name appears when the recorder joins calls on your behalf.
  • Access your Collections more easily. Filter with a Collections-only search. View by Grid or List. Sort alphabetically, by created date, or by updated date.
  • New engagement metrics track people who not only visited a page, but also interacted with it or showed signs of reading as an alternative to playing the video.

Today's update is also a major step towards upcoming Product advancements. If you’re interested in being the first to know about those, you can sign up here. We have a lot in the works that we’re excited to share!