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September 27, 2023

Get notified in Discord about new Rewatch videos and comments

Our new Discord integration makes it seamless to stay informed about new team activity in Rewatch.

Once your Discord account is connected to Rewatch, team members can share videos in Discord and see the preview thumbnail and AI-powered recap; subscribe directly to Collections and Series; and connect Collections to specific Discord channels.

This new integration continues our goal of bringing the power of Rewatch to users’ favorite collaboration tools. By putting notifications directly in these platforms, Rewatch users can spend less time manually sharing information and more time getting real work done.

Learn more about our Discord integration and other integrations.

Updated Slack integration

The Discord integration mimics the functionality of our Slack integration, which has also undergone enhancements. Users can subscribe to any Collection or Series from within Slack — rather than entering the Rewatch platform.

We’ve also added these slash commands:

  • /rewatch subscribe Subscribes the Slack channel to a Collection or Series.
  • /rewatch unsubscribe Displays connected collections and series and allows you to unsubscribe.
  • /rewatch subscribe all Subscribes the Slack channel to all Rewatch activity.
  • /rewatch settings Adjust notification preferences and view connected collections and series.

Learn more about our Slack integration.