January 18, 2024

Link action items and issues with our new Linear integration

Rewatch’s new Linear integration allows you to create or link Linear issues with AI action items, and comments on Rewatch videos.

Linear users now have context for the feedback or details surrounding the action item and can click back to the video for full context — without digging through emails, meeting notes, or pings. Once linked, when a Linear issue is completed, the Rewatch action item will automatically be completed too, and vice-versa.

Instead of manually copy/pasting between platforms, our integration allows you to connect in a couple clicks, then stay in sync automatically. This streamlines project communication for Linear users, while ensuring teammates get full context from bug report videos for engineering issues, work-in-progress calls, customer feedback meetings, and async comments on videos that mention product improvements, bugs, and more.

Learn how to set up our Linear integration or try Rewatch free today.