Screen recorder

Show, tell, and share with video.

Give context to your work and quickly transfer knowledge with our free screen recorder. Share videos and GIFs directly to Rewatch where your team can find and watch them.

Screen Recorder Application Screen Recorder Camera

For every team and everything you need to say.

Keep conversations and work moving forward. Without more emails or more meetings.


Share company updates, celebrate important moments, and keep everyone in the know.

Employee onboarding

Get new teammates up to speed in record time, and give them the context they need.

Customer support

Show customers exactly what to do, and resolve issues with less back-and-forth.

Training & education

Create tutorials and walkthroughs that your team can watch and reference at any time.

Demos & presentations

Present your work and your thinking. Demo new features, show new designs, and more.

Project updates

Stay in sync, and send quick updates that everyone can watch on their own time.

Record your screen

Express yourself and your ideas.

Get your message across faster and more effectively with video and GIF recordings. Capture your full screen or just a region of it, and add your camera for a personal touch.

Screen recorder example with menu popover
Upload to Rewatch

Save your recordings with one click.

No more scattered files or links. Just hit upload, and instantly save recordings to your library in Rewatch.

Screen Recorder UI showing how you can save and upload your recordings to Rewatch
Share your recordings

Share and collaborate with your team.

Give your recordings a home in Rewatch, and turn them into a resource your team can easily find and reference.

Screen Recorder UI showing how you can save and upload your recordings to Rewatch