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How to amplify customer feedback with Rewatch

Learn how Rewatch's platform transforms scattered customer feedback into actionable insights across your organization, with features like automated recording, AI-driven analysis, and integration with key tools.

By Liz Childers in

Amplify Your Customer Feedback Strategy with Rewatch

Customer feedback is incredibly valuable for companies to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience. But often this feedback lives in siloed customer interviews or call recordings and isn't leveraged effectively across the organization.

In a recent live session, Rewatch's Customer Success Lead Reed Koster outlined how our platform can help companies capture a holistic voice of the customer program and ensure every team reacts appropriately.

Automate call recording

The first step is to automatically capture all customer interactions instead of relying solely on scheduled customer interviews. With Rewatch, companies can:

  • Connect team calendars to the platform
  • Set rules to record meetings with customers by default
  • Add recordings to relevant Collections

Automating this process ensures no customer feedback gets lost and provides a rich set of call data to analyze.

Add structure with transcription, tagging, and AI

Recordings alone provide unstructured conversations that are difficult to parse. Rewatch automatically transcribes all recordings and makes them searchable across the platform.

Users can also add structure by:

This makes it easy to quickly find and understand the most important customer feedback.

Notify teams of relevant feedback

The end goal is to ensure every team can act on customer insights that are relevant to them. With Rewatch, users can:

  • Subscribe groups to Collections, tags, and keywords
  • Get notified when key terms are mentioned in new recordings
  • Create Clips to share feedback with stakeholders

Marketing could be informed of great customer stories, Support could be alerted to bugs, and Product could be updated on feature requests.

Integrate with other tools

Rewatch integrates with project tools like Asana and GitHub. Action items from call summaries can automatically create tasks in these tools to immediately address customer feedback.

Get more from customer interactions

Leveraging Rewatch's capabilities for call recording, transcription, AI analysis and subscriptions/integrations helps companies capture a holistic voice of the customer. Every team gets notified of relevant insights so they can react appropriately.

Want to learn more? Watch the full session on-demand to see a demo and Q&A.

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