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Streamline your meeting workflows with Rewatch's automations: why it’s beneficial and how to do it

Learn how automations streamline meeting workflows by offering customizable tools for recording, sharing, and managing meeting privacy efficiently — and then set yours up.

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The administrative side of managing meetings is a surprisingly daunting task. Capturing and sharing these meeting recordings and associated notes with relevant stakeholders, while also ensuring privacy and security, can consume a significant amount of time and resources. Rewatch’s workflow automations were created to address this challenge head-on and make your life easier.

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Automations: a powerful tool for effortless meeting management

Rewatch's automations are designed to streamline the entire meeting management process by allowing users to automate the recording, sharing, and privacy settings of their meetings, thereby eliminating the need for manual intervention. With automations, you can set specific rules to control which meetings are recorded, where the recordings are stored and shared, who is granted access to them, and which AI meeting note template is used for them. This level of automation ensures that your meetings are managed efficiently and without error.

Customizable filters and actions

The strength of automations lies in its customizable nature. The feature is composed of filters and actions, which provide users with granular control over their meeting management process. Filters are the criteria that determine which meetings are affected by automations. These criteria can include the meeting title, the list of invitees, and the identity of the organizer. actions, on the other hand, dictate what happens after a meeting is recorded. They can control the visibility of the recording, add the recording to specific collections for easy access, and share them with invitees or other stakeholders.

AI meeting note templates

Rewatch features a pre-built set of eight core AI note templates that automatically generate meeting notes based on the type of meeting or video, without any need for manual prompt writing. Templates can be edited or even built from scratch. When creating an automation, users have the option to add a note template. For example, all sales calls can automatically have the Sales Call notes template applied.

benefits of streamlining workflow with automations

Streamlining workflows across various use cases

The versatility of automations makes it an indispensable tool for streamlining workflows across a wide range of use cases:

  1. Sales team trainings: Sales leaders can leverage automations to record all external Sales calls and publish them to a dedicated collection. This facilitates effortless coaching and feedback, as it removes the burden from sales representatives to record and share their meetings manually. It ensures that best practices and successful sales tactics are easily accessible for training purposes.
  2. High-transparency cultures: Organizations that prioritize transparency can benefit immensely from automations. With a single setup, all internal meetings can be recorded and published by default. This fosters a culture of open communication and knowledge-sharing — from company all hands to customer check-ins — as every team member has access to the information they need to stay informed and aligned with the company's goals.
  3. Effective one-on-one meetings: Managers can configure automations to ensure that all one-on-one meetings are recorded and kept private, with immediate availability to both participants. This promotes better alignment between managers and their direct reports. Additionally, Rewatch's AI-generated action items can be used as to-do lists, further enhancing productivity and follow-up.
  4. Internal communications: Communications teams can use automations to automatically direct broad-interest recordings to predefined and structured collections within the organization. This ensures that important updates and announcements are disseminated in a timely and efficient manner, keeping everyone on the same page.
  5. Voice of the customer: Customer-facing teams, like Sales and Success, can automatically share customer and prospect calls with the rest of the company. Marketing, Engineering, and Product can easily keep up with market and industry feedback, rather than asking for details from Sales. You can learn more about using Rewatch to amplify your customer’s feedback with our on-demand webinar.

Time-saving benefits

By eliminating the need for manual distribution and ensuring consistent sharing and privacy practices, automations save users a significant amount of time. Meeting attendees and invitees benefit from the convenience of receiving relevant recordings automatically, without the need to remind hosts to record and share meetings. This efficiency translates into more time for stakeholders to engage in meaningful work, rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks. Company leaders also know their team receive relevant information in a timely manner, whether they attended the meeting or not, and can be confident the important information is highlighted in the meeting notes. And, that’s all time saved simply from how you share a meeting; anyone who catches up on the meeting asynchronously can review transcripts and AI summaries in 90% less time than it would take to watch (or attend) the meeting in full.

How to build an automation

1. Connect your calendar

The first step to building an automation is to connect your Google or Outlook calendar to Rewatch. This is how you access automatic recording and can then build and customize your automations.

  1. Click on the user options menu in the top-left corner of Rewatch.
  2. Choose the Integrations option from the menu.
  3. Look for Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar in the list of user-specific integrations.
  4. Press the Get started button next to your preferred calendar.
  5. Hit the Connect button on the following page.
  6. Follow the platform’s instructions to finish connecting your integration.

Note: If the team-wide integration is already enabled, you won't have the option to connect the user-specific integration. If you are an Admin, you can connect calendars team-wide.

2. Navigate to the Meetings tab, located on the left-hand sidebar navigation on Rewatch.

3. Click on the "Create an automation" button located under the Personal Automations section on the right side of the page.

4. Name your automation.

  1. Add a filter to specify which meetings the automation should apply to. You can filter based on the meeting title, the invitees, and the organizer.
  • Use title filters to select meetings containing specific words.
  • Invitee filters distinguish between internal (same email domain) and external meetings (different email domains).
  • Organizer filters can differentiate meetings based on who organized them.
  1. Add Actions to define what actions the automation will execute when the filter conditions are met.
  • Choose to "Add to collections" to organize your meeting recordings automatically.
  • "Set visibility" to control who sees the recording, with options like "Published" or "Private".
  • "Share with invitees" to send an AI-generated recap to all, internal, or external invitees.
  1. Review the "Meetings Preview" section for a live update of how your future meetings will be affected by these settings.
  2. Save the automation once you're satisfied with your settings. If setting for a group or all members, they will be notified of the new automation.

Easy override and administration

Rewatch understands that there may be exceptions to the rule, and automations are designed with flexibility in mind. Users can easily override or disable automations for specific meetings when necessary, ensuring that the tool adapts to the unique needs of each situation. Furthermore, channel admins have the authority to create and distribute automations to entire channels or specific groups within the organization. This ensures that automations are implemented consistently across teams, maintaining a standardized approach to meeting management.

Unlock more value with Rewatch

Automations not only save time but significantly enhance the reach and impact of your company's meetings and other communications. By automating your workflow with Rewatch, you gain considerable ROI by reducing overheads, streamlining access to information, and ensuring the right eyes see the right content — all with little to no manual effort. Connecting your calendar and enabling automations ensures no valuable insight is ever missed, meetings are summarized efficiently, and everything is neatly organized and easily accessible, further boosting your organization's productivity.

Enhance your team's experience, harness the full potential of your meetings, and drive your company forward with Rewatch. Get started today — it’s 100% free.

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