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Stay up-to-date and easily participate in your team's recent activities by receiving Discord notifications regarding new comments, highlights, and videos in your channel. Ensure seamless communication without missing any important information.

Video & notifications in your Discord server

Discord message with AI-powered recap

Once your Discord account is connected to Rewatch, team members can see Rewatch activity without leaving Discord:

  • Subscribe directly to a Collection or Series using slash commands
  • Connect Collections or Series to specific Discord channels
  • Preview AI-generated content, like the recap, when a video is shared in Discord
  • Set up Discord notifications for comments and highlights on videos in a specific Collection or Series.

Discord message with Rewatch highlight

How to set it up

Rewatch admins can easily connect their Discord workspace through the channel's admin console under the "Integrations" section, or by visiting the following link to install Rewatch.

Learn more in the Rewatch help documentation.

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Links Discord Website → Add Discord Integration Must be a Discord and Rewatch admin