Introducing Remote

Connor Sears's headshot

By Connor Sears

Co-founder and CEO

A screenshot of the Rewatch Remote UI in a modal window on a blue, purple, and teal background

Since starting Rewatch, we’ve been working with a few teams running remote all-hands meetings. Unfortunately, running a single slide deck with multiple presenters isn’t easy and we thought it was silly that there wasn’t a good way for presenters to advance their slides without saying “next slide please” over and over.

So we decided to build this simple app and release it for free.

Screenshot of the Rewatch Remote app

The host app runs on your Mac or PC and give you a remote link to give to your presenters.

It runs on Mac and PC and works with Keynote, Powerpoint, Google Slides, you name it.

A gif showing how the Rewatch Remote App works

Just run the app on the computer showing the deck, then share the remote link with your presenters. That’s it , you’re good to go. Download it today at