Graffle revolutionizes meeting & knowledge management with Rewatch's AI meeting assistant

Graffle integrated Rewatch for seamless meeting recordings and transcriptions, enhancing their knowledge management and enabling even non-technical team members to leverage company insights effectively.

Graffle case study with Rewatch

Throughout a successful fundraising round in 2021, the team behind Graffle, a Blockchain developer platform built on Flow, recorded every meeting. CEO Ryan Lambacher was determined to have a record of the valuable feedback, pushback, and insights from those investor calls. In this same vein, Ryan and his two co-founders began to record their weekly syncs.

“We wanted to identify how we work together and I felt there was no better way to do that than to have an actual data log or audio recording-to-transcription for that,” Ryan explained. ”It's very important for us because we're working on identifying this high level framework of how we work together.”

While the team clearly saw the value in recording meetings and building a knowledge base, the actual process was too time- and labor-intensive to be practical. Graffle was using a program to record meetings, but manually uploading them into a storage platform or pushing the files through an internal program for transcriptions was not sustainable.

To be more efficient and truly retain and utilize company knowledge, Graffle needed to find a solution that could integrate seamlessly with their existing processes, offer unrestricted uploads, be customized for their team, and streamline information extraction.

Finding a solution to seamlessly create a knowledge management system

Standout user experience

Graffle trialed multiple products simultaneously, including Fireflies, Otter, and Fathom, to find a solution that fit their needs. On a basic level, they were looking for a tool that transcribed audio and identified speakers accurately. The process was simple: get one piece of data during the trial and see which platforms make sense from a user experience standpoint.

Rewatch’s carefully crafted user experience and design elements transformed how Graffle managed its data flows, marking a positive departure from other platforms they trialed that were visually overwhelming.

“Nothing felt cluttered or like this was going to be a lot of data,” Ryan reflected. “I wanted something… that was easy to go through the transcription, make comments, highlight — something with a user experience that feels collaborative in nature.”

The transition from trial to purchase of Rewatch happened in under 30 days, demonstrating the immediate value Graffle saw in the product.

“Rewatch was the clear winner for us,” Ryan shared.

“Rewatch was the clear winner for us.”
Ryan Lambacher,
CEO at Graffle

A platform designed for the entire organization

Rewatch’s standout UX design also ensured that, as Ryan noted, the platform was a conducive environment for every member of Graffle’s diverse team — regardless of technical proficiency. During the trial, Ryan, as the Rewatch administrator, connected his team’s calendars to the platform ensuring that the AI meeting assistant could automatically record and transcribe the team’s meeting. This took the onus off of individuals to manually manage that.

"Without having Rewatch come into the meetings very seamlessly and easily, we would never be able to feed that data to our actual system to get to the point where it's taking out this info, and summarizing it.”

Rewatch’s key features further ensure that anyone can benefit from the platform, whether they’re experienced in SaaS platforms or not. Rather than relying on individuals to sort through a transcript on their own and identify what’s important, Rewatch is doing that for them.

“What excited me about the AI meeting notes template feature is that my teammates who are less technical or not technical at all can have actionable insights or pieces of the meeting they care about,” Ryan explained. “The product in general is really well done. The action items seem to come out well. The recaps are good. I like the jump through breakdown — it feels like I'm actually in chapters of this video.”

But Rewatch also benefits the most technically savvy: by utilizing Rewatch’s API and webhooks, Graffle’s engineering team has been further customizing Rewatch to their unique use cases.

Unlimited imports, uploads, and transcriptions

Rewatch’s promise of unlimited uploads was also crucial in Graffle’s decision-making process.

Ryan recounted of his first encounter with the Rewatch platform, “I wanted something that I could upload as much as I wanted to. And Rewatch is set up well for that.”

“I wanted the ability for something to come into the meetings automatically. I wanted something that I could upload as much as I wanted to. And something that was easy for non-technical people to go through the transcription, make comments, highlight — a user experience that feels collaborative in nature. And Rewatch is set up well for that.”
Ryan Lambacher,
CEO at Graffle

Not only could Graffle’s team import its backlog of recordings from its critical fundraising meetings and from leadership calls that had already taken place. They now also could automatically record and upload future meetings with Rewatch’s AI meeting assistant. The company’s meeting history was quickly in one collaborative video hub, complete with transcriptions and AI-generated notes.

A bonus? Graffle did not include product’s mobile apps in their consideration for choosing a solution to record and transcribe meetings, but has since used Rewatch’s thanks to its strong feature set, like easy meeting accessibility, and the ability to record right within the app.

Towards a streamlined future with Rewatch

Graffle’s sentiment is clear: Rewatch quickly became a seamless extension of their team's workflow. Its thoughtful design and intuitive features ensure anyone can engage with the software, making it a universally approachable tool for the organization, fostering teamwork, enhancing communication, and democratizing the use of technology across the board.

Embracing Rewatch has allowed Graffle to streamline their knowledge management and workflows, enhancing the overall efficiency of the team. Apart from eliminating the bottleneck in managing high amounts of recorded content, Rewatch has provided Graffle with a centralized, searchable knowledge management system benefiting their holistic business operations.

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