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February 18, 2022
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Connect individual Zoom accounts with our updated integration

We've made our Zoom integration more flexible, so you can get set up faster. Now you can connect your individual account to Rewatch, if you don't have admin permissions in Zoom.

Connecting your individual Zoom account

When you connect your individual Zoom account, you'll be able to:

  • Import your past Zoom recordings with one click.
  • Sync your Zoom meetings so they're automatically recorded and imported to Rewatch.

Every teammate who joins your channel in the future will need to set up the Zoom integration for their individual account.

Connecting your company's Zoom account

You'll continue to have the option to set up Zoom for your entire team. If you have admin permissions in Zoom, connecting your company's Zoom account also enables you to:

  • Allow admins in Rewatch to view and import all your company's Zoom recordings.
  • Deploy Zoom for your whole team so members don't have to individually connect their accounts.
  • Automatically add speaker names to your transcripts in Rewatch.

Learn more about our Zoom integration here.