February 2, 2022
a modal within the Rewatch app where users can invite viewers

Restrict sharing to specific people outside your team

Sometimes, you need to share sensitive information with people outside your team, such as customers, partners, or contractors. Now, customers on the Enterprise plan can securely share videos with individuals who are not members of their Rewatch channel.

When you invite an external viewer to your video, a secure link will be sent to their email address. External viewers will not be able to see comments on the video, just the video, transcript, and any highlights. You can revoke access at any time.

In the admin console, admins can track which videos have been shared, restrict the ability to invite external viewers to just admins, and enable or disable external sharing for their entire channel.

Customers on all plans will continue to have the option to share videos publicly to the web, which allows anyone with the link to view a video.

Learn more about securely sharing videos with people outside your team.