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Sales teams have adopted video. Customer Success should, too.

The adoption of video by Customer Success can lead to higher net revenue retention, lower churn rates, and business expansion, fostering greater customer loyalty.

By Liz Childers in


Recording sales calls is industry standard. The capability proved to be so useful to Sales teams because it helps measure sentiment, keep team members on message, make coaching more effective, and ensure every last detail of what the customer wants is captured and accessible. It’s a tried and true method. So why don’t Customer Success teams use video in the same way?

Compared to Sales, Customer Success feels like a black box when it should be an open book. No team is closer to the consumer. No team better knows the pain points, use cases, and wins. Any company that wants to be truly customer- and product-centric needs all the information Customer Success gathers — and they need it in a format that’s consistent, unambiguous, and easy to disseminate to every team within the organization.

This is where video, with its clarity, shareability, and high fidelity, comes in. Here are a few reasons why your Customer Success team should be adopting video just like your Sales team does.

Video is the richest medium for communication.

Much like Sales, Customer Success is dependent on stellar communication — both with customers and internally. It’s crucial that customer insights, feedback, and concerns are shared with relevant internal teams quickly and factually. Unfortunately, meeting notes or a verbal recap cannot replicate the valuable high fidelity of a video. Someone’s tone, body language, or facial expressions add crucial context to information.

For example, with video, a Customer Success team member is able to show Marketing a customer’s grin as she discusses a new feature. In turn, this can convey that this feature is worth a content campaign or that the customer could create a valuable testimonial; a simple written quote of the exact same conversation would not be would not be effective for either point. The same goes for a Product Marketer effectively handling a product concern — was the frustrated customer’s suggestion a serious critique, or was it just an idea they were playing with?

Capturing Customer Success calls on video not only makes communication seamless but adds context to the information. You don’t have to rely on someone’s interpretation of what happened. You can just see it for yourself.

Video makes bespoke interactions easy, which makes you stand out.

We’re constantly sending and receiving both work and personal messages. At a certain point, pings from a messaging platform can become easy to ignore, and your overflowing inbox starts to blur together. Imagine how customers feel receiving comms from people they don’t even know. Being able to personalize your communication is one way to help you stand out.

Sending a quick video is like a modern handwritten letter: it feels good, it means more, and it has the ability to deliver added layers of value to a customer. A big part of Customer Success is connecting authentically and taking time to be a human. What’s more human than showing your face and taking an interaction from transactional to personal?

This kind of interaction creates a flywheel. If you can attract and engage prospects and then delight them with a valuable product that’s sticky, you can continue to iterate on that relationship. Delight turns customers into promoters, which is why every Customer Success agent knows customers are at the center of growth.

Asynchronous video can accelerate feedback loops.

Just as Sales teams have always taken recorded calls as opportunities to share techniques and swap tactics internally, so too can Customer Success. However, in an asynchronous working environment, feedback loops can be disjointed and internal growth can slow to a crawl.

The benefit of video is two-fold here: when recorded video is accessible to an entire team, asynchronous teams can learn from each other’s customer interactions, no matter what timezone they’re in. Being able to watch a colleague’s call to see how they handled a persistent issue can be a guiding force that brings every Sales rep up to the level of their top performer.

The second benefit is the ability to share highly personalized feedback from manager to representative rather than needing to add another meeting to the calendar or downgrade that feedback to a quick note. Managers can share individualized messaging with each rep in a fraction of the time it would take them to meet with everyone, while still being able to show their faces. And reps can reply in turn.

Video gives everyone the agency to continue the conversation without having to wait for a scheduled time. And if you’re working at start-up speed, there’s no time like the present to share your best ideas. When video is the go-to medium for your whole organization, it doesn’t matter who clocks in when. Innovation doesn’t need to wait.

Video helps you be everywhere you want to be at once.

We all have calendars full of meeting requests, and it’s simply not possible to be everywhere at once. But when your meetings are recorded, video is automatically doing the work of freezing those moments in time so that anyone in your organization has the ability to time travel. Product and Sales folks can “join” customer calls whenever it works for them, and that capability gives them a window into customers right at the source of truth.

You don’t need to be in a call in-person, sacrificing your calendar and your time, to get a lot out of it. Letting video recordings do the heavy lifting for you means accessing all the insights and data with minimized effort.

Hit record and watch the benefits roll in.

When Customer Success is functioning at the highest levels, it is a key engine for moving the business forward. Net revenue retention is through the roof, churn rate takes a nosedive, and expansion is high. This value shows up in higher revenue while allowing your Customer Success reps to get more time back in their day to attend to Customers and less time spent in unnecessary meetings. At the end of the day, building customer loyalty has no downsides, and adopting video into your Customer Success process helps make that happen.

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