Ebook: Video at Work

New world of work. New ways to use video.

There’s no question that video has changed the way we work – for good. But, while video has brought our teams closer together, it’s also introduced new communication challenges (Zoom fatigue, we see you).

As companies navigate the next chapter of work, they need a better way to approach video. From tactical tips to real-world examples of how to use video to meaningfully connect your team – that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this ebook.

Image of the Video at Work ebook

What you’ll find inside

  • The science on why video is one of the most powerful forms of communication.
  • Best practices for fighting Zoom fatigue (hint: it’s not Zoom; it’s all your meetings).
  • Examples of how you can use video to onboard, engage, and support your team.
  • Advice from a leading tech company on uniting a distributed team with video.
Image of one of the pages from the Video at Work ebook
Photo of Elizabeth Wilson, Internal Communications Manager, Notarize
Video is such a powerful tool, but companies often struggle with successful implementation. If you’re wondering how to unite a distributed team with video, then this ebook is a must-read. Rewatch is at the forefront of helping teams build a more connected workplace.

Elizabeth Wilson, Internal Communications Manager at Notarize