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Product leadership meeting
Recorded from
Zoom 2 days ago
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  • Chris gave an update on Design hiring and announces we've hired Courtney
  • Darcy discussed the Q3 roadmap including plans for improving the AI UX
  • Hit 80% participation in company-wide pulse survey
  • Noah shared about growing revenue by leveraging partnerships and developing co-marketing
Full transcript
Steve Woodman

Welcome everyone. Let’s talk about Design hiring first! Big news, we hired somebody and we're super excited about them joining like in the beginning of August. So Courtney is gonna be joining us as our new Senior Designer for the Consumer Experience. Obviously a lot of you already been aware of this but I wanted to let everyone know. I think you all have set up time to speak with Courtney over the next, at least couple of weeks, if not this week.

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Darcy Hogendorn

I wanna talk about how our Q2 roadmap rounded out and what we need to be focused on to start Q3 off strong.


We've been going strong building out our AI roadmap and that should continue in Q3. Some of the things we're most interested in build involve improving search, auto tagging your content, and suggesting people to share to. The overall goal here is to provide way more value with less work needed from users.


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