Kandji streamlines operations and collaboration with Rewatch

Discover how Kandji leveraged Rewatch to transform team collaboration, streamline operations, and cut costs, solidifying its market position.

Kandji is a leading provider of Apple device management solutions. As their workforce and operations expanded, they faced challenges with information sharing and collaboration. Mark Daughters, the Founder & SVP Workplace, and Chantel Vanderhye, the Strategic Program Manager, recognized the need for a comprehensive solution that would streamline operations, reduce expenses, and improve information sharing across the company.

Kandji needed a tool that would allow their teams to easily create and share content, enhance collaboration, and provide a centralized platform for information sharing. They also required a solution that would address the complexities of working with recorded video because all-hands are crucial parts of their company culture. By leveraging Rewatch's features, Kandji has been able to streamline their operations, reduce expenses, and improve collaboration across all departments.

Streamlined operations and enhanced collaboration

Before Rewatch, the Kandji team felt limited in their ability to disseminate consistent information across teams. This led to ineffective communication and hindered collaboration. It was a challenge to track project updates, insights, and other details around the organization’s initiatives.

By utilizing Rewatch to automatically record meetings, Kandji now captures all of the details that were previously only discussed in meetings and inconsistently shared.

Chantel notes, “Rewatch has revolutionized our approach to knowledge sharing and collaboration. The platform allows for a richer form of communication, especially in asynchronous settings, enhancing our teams’ understanding and alignment across various departments.”

“By adopting Rewatch, it's helped us continue to be more efficient, allow us to innovate faster and stay ahead of others in the market.”
Mark Daughters
Founder & SVP Workplace at Kandji

Rewatch's collaborative workspace builds on the benefits of Kandji found in meeting recording, allowing teams to easily share content. This significantly bolstered productivity and decision-making processes within the organization.

"It's amazing how the AI features automatically transcribe, attach it to the person talking,” said Mark Daughters, Founder & SVP Workplace. “We love using Google Docs, and Rewatch has that type of commenting feature right within the video."

This level of collaboration was a game-changer for Kandji, fostering a stronger and more connected culture.

Time and budget savings

Kandji saw significant time and budget savings by using Rewatch. The platform decreased the complexities associated with working with video content, reducing the need for multiple tools and eliminating the need for additional storage solutions.

“Having Rewatch reduces the amount that we need to manage those other tools [like Zoom and Google Drive], pay additional storage fees, and worry about public accessibility, like with YouTube. Being able to have our team go to one place to review content that they need or upload content that they're sharing has that positive impact on our budget and productivity across the board,” says Mark.

Mark and Chantel also no longer face the tedious task of video management. The integration of Rewatch into Kandji's operations has eradicated the need to micromanage video storage and archival, freeing up valuable time and resources. This shift has led to a significant reduction in the time spent by team members searching, finding, and verifying videos, ensuring they are focusing on the right content.

Tangible competitive advantage

Beyond minimizing the need for additional data storage solutions, Rewatch supports Kandji in avoiding risks associated with public platforms. With an efficient and secure environment, Kandji is able to focus on value-added activities, resulting in increased productivity and revenue.

Chantel adds, "Our proactive adoption of this platform demonstrates our commitment to leveraging new technologies for efficiency and innovation, giving us a tangible competitive advantage in the market."

This efficient operation, bolstered by Rewatch's seamless integration, not only streamlines Kandji's internal processes, but also positions them at the forefront of technological advancement in their industry.

How Kandji is leading the pack with Rewatch

By leveraging Rewatch, Kandji has effectively streamlined their operations, reduced expenses, and improved collaboration and information sharing across the company. With the ability to easily create, share, and discuss video content, Kandji teams have seen increased productivity, significant time-savings, and noticeable budget benefits. Rewatch has not only differentiated Kandji from its competitors but also enhanced their capacity to innovate and deliver effectively in the market.

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