Less meeting stress.
More focus time.
Less headaches.
More lunch breaks.
Less distractions.
More dog walks.
Less overload.

Rewatch’s AI meeting assistant automatically records your calls, then generates meeting notes, a transcript, and action items.

Meeting Notes
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Rewatch's AI features enable teams of all sizes to work more efficiently by eliminating busy work.


Rewatch starts by syncing to your calendar. It automatically identifies meetings and allows you to create rules that determine which get recorded.


Rewatch then uploads the recording to a video hub that contains meetings and screen recordings from across your company. At this point, Rewatch transcribes the video and generates a customizable summary, action items, and time-stamped highlights—all with artificial intelligence.

Action Items
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Identify & assign tasks to the right people.
Track the progress of tasks alongside context.
Notify stakeholders when tasks are complete.
Incite action and progress automatically.
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Meeting recordings

Automated recording and sharing means zero “What’d they say?” moments.

Video recaps

Brief AI recaps are delivered to invitees, with one-click access to the full recording.

Tailored meeting notes

Our AI prompts generate notes for common call types. Tweak ours or create your own.

Time-stamped chapters

Jump to key points in the recording and transcript, no fast-forwarding or searching.

Action items

AI makes and assigns the to-do list, so you can ditch the post-meeting scramble.


On the record, every time. Search what was said, reference it, and export too.

Automated sharing

Videos and recaps are delivered to the right people every time, automatically.

Auto titles

Titles are automatically added to highlights so you can share instantly.

On-demand translation

Instantly translate meeting transcripts and captions across 30+ languages.

The intelligent video platform for your business

Step 1: Record

Record meetings and videos

Connect Rewatch to your calendar and record meetings automatically. Or use our screen recorder for async updates.

Step 2: Summarize

All the details, way less time

Scan AI recaps and meeting notes. For the most relevant parts, jump straight to the transcript or video timestamp.

Step 3: Share

Keep the team up-to-date

Automatically share and organize videos in your team hub. Attach docs, post comments, and keep your momentum.

A transformational tool

Dustin Schau, VP of Product & Engineering

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“Rewatch captures every critical action item. The meeting AI notes summarizes complex projects into actionable steps allowing users to talk more and take fewer notes.

Gabe, Small Business Owner


“Rewatch is the best service in this category hands down. Also the new [AI note] templates feature straight up f#cks.

Ryan Lambacher, CEO at Graffle