April 29, 2020
Zoom and Rewatch logos

Zoom integration and dark mode

New features and improvements

  • Dark mode Each member can set their own preferred appearance in their personal settings.
  • Improved transcription search allow your team to stop wasting time and search keywords directing in any video. Click the timestamp to jump directly to that point in the video.
  • Zoom integration Sync a meeting or webinar ID to your channel to automatically pull in and transcribe your Zoom calls. You can install the integration from your channel admin settings or from the Zoom Marketplace.
  • Watchlists that integrate seamlessly into your internal wikis, blogs, or intranet and allow you to distribute your video content wherever you need it.
  • Profiles give you a clear view into your organization and what videos each person has uploaded or is tagged in.
  • Likes let your team show support for the videos they find helpful or informative.