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August 22, 2022
Easily share videos with your team in Rewatch

Sharing videos with your team is simpler and faster

We've made it a whole lot easier to share videos with your team, so you can keep conversations going and work moving forward.

Here's what's new and what's changing:

  • Publish videos to your channel in one click: Want to share a video with your entire team? Now you can publish videos to your channel in one easy click.
  • 🎥 Share without leaving the video: Manage access to your videos without having to edit the video’s details. Add videos to collections, share them with specific people, and publish them to your channel or the web, all right from the video.
  • 🔗 New videos now have an internally shareable link by default: New videos are now immediately shareable with members of your channel. Just send the link to share your video. Note: These links will not be viewable to anyone outside your channel, and your videos will not be published to your entire channel.
  • 🔒 Draft videos are now private: If you have drafts in your video library, they will automatically be converted to private videos, which are only visible to you.

Learn more about sharing videos in our help center.