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April 30, 2021
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New domain name, synced meetings improvements, and Collection Admin beta

We're excited to announce that we've acquired Rewatch.com! All existing links will continue to work, but should be redirected.

Feature updates and improvements

  • Synced Meetings now allow you to create private videos automatically.
  • We are beta testing the new Collection Admins feature, allowing you to delegate permissions to manage a collection. Let us know if you want to opt-in.
  • User will now be notified via email whenever a new recording is available to import from Zoom.
  • Improved collection suggestions when attaching videos to collections
  • Refined the interaction around selecting and commenting sections of the transcript
  • Users can now automatically delete any recordings on Zoom once they've been synced to Rewatch.
  • Any synced meeting can now automatically record once the meeting has started.
  • Fixed various bugs around links in comments