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The ultimate guide to transcribing meeting minutes efficiently

This guide explores the most effective strategies and tools, including AI note takers, for transcribing meeting minutes efficiently, ensuring both time-saving and accuracy in documenting crucial discussions.

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guide to transcribe meeting minutes

The ultimate guide to transcribing meeting minutes efficiently

Transcribing meeting minutes preserves these discussions in a format that's both accurate and easily accessible. It's not just about keeping a record; it's about making that record a useful tool for action and reference. Thanks to AI note takers, like Rewatch’s AI meeting assistant, transcription — a once-daunting and expensive task — has become more streamlined and efficient.

Why transcribe meeting minutes?

Transcribing meeting minutes ensures that the insights and decisions made during a meeting are accurately documented and can be referred back to by anyone who needs it. This is crucial for:

  • Tracking progress on projects
  • Making informed decisions based on past discussions
  • Keeping team members aligned, especially those who were unable to attend
  • Legal and compliance reasons, depending on your industry
  • Easily repurpose ideas expressed in meetings into other content

Transcribing notes by hand is both time-consuming and prone to human error. Fortunately, advancements in AI and machine learning have introduced more efficient ways to handle this task.

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Leveraging AI note takers for efficiency

AI note takers, like Rewatch, represent a significant leap forward in automating the process of transcribing meeting minutes. These tools can listen in on remote, hybrid, or in-person meetings, or work with recorded audio, using speech recognition algorithms to convert speech into text. They can also identify speakers, differentiate topics, and even highlight actionable items.

Benefits of using AI note takers

  1. Time-saving: Automation speeds up the transcription process, freeing up personnel to focus on more critical tasks. Rewatch's meeting recording and transcriptions are available in your team's video hub almost instantly.
  2. Money-saving: A digital transcription tool also ensures no one in your meeting is there just to take minutes. Instead, meetings can be limited to active participants, while note-taking personnel can focus on other tasks.
  3. Meeting recording: In addition to transcribing meetings, Rewatch records them, allowing users to see facial expressions and hear tone alongside the transcription.
  4. Accuracy: AI note takers capture every word, while manual transcribers are prone to human error. Additionally, most continually improve their speech recognition capabilities, leading to highly accurate transcriptions.
  5. Multi-language translations: Rewatch's AI note taker can transcribe meetings held in 31 languages and translate transcriptions into 31 languages. This is helpful for accessibility and for global teams.
  6. Ease of use: Most AI note-taking tools, including Rewatch, are designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring a low barrier to entry for all team members.
  7. Searchability: Because Rewatch is a multi-point solution where your meeting recordings, transcriptions, and notes are stored, organized, and collaborated on. That means your transcriptions are part of a powerful company knowledge system that can be easily searched for keywords or topics, making it simpler to find specific discussion points.
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Best practices for transcribing meeting minutes effectively

While AI note takers can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of transcribing meeting minutes, here are some best practices to ensure the highest quality transcripts:

  1. Add your custom vocabulary: Rewatch allows users to add your custom vocabulary ensuring the transcription accurately captures industry jargon, brand names, and more.
  2. Clear audio: Ensure the meeting room is quiet, and microphones are correctly positioned. If your meeting is remote or hybrid so you’re using a video conferencing platform, every speaker's microphone should be turned on. We’ve written a guide to transcribing your Zoom meetings if you want to learn more.
  3. Speaker identification: Rewatch will automatically identify speakers based on meeting names. However, some tools may require you to introduce speakers at the beginning of the meeting to help with accurate dialogue attribution.

Top AI note-taking tools for transcribing meeting minutes

Several prominent AI tools have proven effective in transcribing meeting minutes:

  1. Rewatch: Rewatch is an AI meeting assistant, a screen recorder, and a collaborative video hub, ensuring your content is always accessible and searchable. Rewatch uses AI to automatically transcribe meetings or videos recorded through its screen recorder, and powerful video notes and action items are generated alongside the transcription. All recordings and related AI-generated content are stored, organized, and shared in a hub where stakeholders can search, comment, and attach relevant documents to continue the conversation.
  2. offers meeting transcription and note-taking services.
  3. Fathom: Fathom transcribes your meetings, creates summaries and highlights key points. It also offers a number of other features such as voice recognition and translation services.
  4. Grain is a note-taking app that uses AI to transcribe meetings and other audio content.
  5. Scribie: Scribie is ideal for post-meeting transcription and also offers manual transcription services as well.
  6. Fireflies is an AI note taker with a meeting transcription feature. You can read more about how Fireflies compares to Rewatch here.
  7. Sonix: Sonix stands out for its speaker identification capabilities.


Transcribing meeting minutes is essential for maintaining accurate records of discussions and decisions made during meetings. The advent of AI note-taking technology has revolutionized this task, making it more efficient and reliable than ever before. By leveraging these tools and following best practices, businesses can ensure that their meeting minutes are accurately captured, easily searchable, and ultimately helpful in driving action and alignment across teams.

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