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Want your Sales and Product teams in sync? Steal our workflow.

Discover how to bridge the gap between Sales and Product teams and optimize your workflow for seamless collaboration. Learn the three-step approach to breaking down silos, capturing actionable data, and sharing analysis across departments.

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Sales and Product frequently and easily work in silos apart from one another. They typically have very different workflows, day-to-day routines, and key goals. However, these two disparate teams are united by the common goal of serving the customer.

The best-run companies have tight connections between these two functions, where the product roadmap informs the sales team and insights from sales calls provide useful feedback for the product team. In contrast, disconnects between Sales and Product can slow down your company’s growth dramatically.

So, how do you make sure this cross-pollination happens? Here’s a look inside the internal workflows we use at Rewatch to ensure the connection between sales and product is symbiotic:

What are the obstacles? Siloed tools!

Sales and Product teams often work with totally different platforms and software, so there isn’t a lot of natural crossover. This lack of shared tooling can, of course, cause communication issues. At Rewatch, our platform plays the role of “Switzerland”. It’s our powerful, yet neutral product in which everyone works and where each team can effortlessly integrate their respective tech stacks, with the ability to attach everything from a Figma document to a Google slide deck to ensure the context is shared with the content.

That cross-functionality breaks down silos and leads to team success.

With silos, everyone’s working, and you all want the same outcome, but you’re not able to go further, or faster together. By sharing one platform that serves both team’s needs and empowers integrated communication, the entire company can work together. This allows customer centricity and success to become an overarching, shared goal.

So what do we do at Rewatch? A three-step approach:

1. Capture everything

This is important! None of the rest can happen unless we capture the data — that means Sales teams record every customer call, just as Product teams capture every meeting. Because we have ensured that Rewatch automatically records meetings and shares the recording with the right people, the process is truly effortless — there is zero extra work to ensure data is captured. In contrast, if we did not record everything, we would each be limited to our own memories and note taking ability to capture and share the information from each meeting.

2. Make the data actionable

Just capturing every video could result in a problem: you now have a lot of raw information sitting in videos. Data has to be current, consumable, and actionable to be useful to everyone. At Rewatch, we lean into our features that turn recorded meetings and async updates into usable data. These are a few of our favorites:

  • Summaries: Our AI turns hour-long video meetings into informative bullet points
  • Keyword subscriptions: Simply subscribe to keywords that are important to you, like “pain point” or “bug”, and get notified each time it’s mentioned in a video.
  • Search: You can search to find each time “roadmap” or “feature request” was mentioned to easily scan for the information you need.
  • Direct integrations: We integrate with everyday tools like Slack and GitHub that eliminate a layer of communication where feedback loops between Product and Sales can get lost.

3. Share the analysis — widely!

If you’re not sharing your analysis, especially in a remote or distributed work environment, your team won’t be able to function at full capacity. The issue is usually that share-outs take a lot of work — someone needs to create a write-up or publish a post or update a wiki, and eventually, it falls to the bottom of that to-do list. Rewatch makes this part automatic, so you don’t have to go out of your way to write bespoke work and disseminate your findings via link, email, push, or Slack notification in real-time.

And sharing can be fun…

We’ve all been to meetings that could have been emails, but that meeting was likely scheduled in the first place because emails don’t always have the human connection or context we crave. With Series, a Rewatch feature that functions like TikTok for Enterprise, a sales leader can easily record an update and post it to their team and anyone subscribed to the Series. With a familiar UI that’s mobile-native, the casual, personal way of speaking means teams begin to learn each others’ priorities, and everyone works in their own context without having to translate their department’s language. We think this way of working is future-forward because it meets people where they are, on technology that’s second nature to both create and consume.

Sharing also brings teams together.

Sharing wins brings focus and validation. When you’re not seeing progress or feeling the momentum of the company, it’s natural to second-guess everything. Winning together and celebrating is an opportunity to bring people together. Remember that customer-focused goal that all teams share? That means, in a truly cross-collaborative company, a win for one team is a win for all.

Becoming cross-functional can have a huge impact

What can a more seamless collaboration across departments do for your business? The true impact of being cross-functional is being able to scale your team’s intelligence and knowledge with the actual size of your company. The amount of time people spend finding information to do their job on any given day is not conducive to a highly productive workforce. Finding documents, trying to recall from memory what was said in a meeting — all these approaches are imperfect, disjointed, and time-consuming.

When it’s your culture to share across teams, everyone wins

Exposure to how all the pieces come together will result in a more aligned and transparent company that can continue to grow its teams without weakening connections. When unprecedented visibility and seamless collaboration are unlocked by capturing insights from every call, meeting, or update, your organization can drive better decision making and resource conservation at scale, empowering your company to outpace the competition.

Think your team could benefit from more seamless collaboration across departments? Try Rewatch for free today.

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