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Key features of an effective knowledge management system

We've identified the essential parts of a KMS that stores all your company info in one place, is super easy to use, finds information for you quickly, and works with the apps you already love.

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Key knowledge management system features

Successful companies rely heavily on the intelligent management and distribution of data, making knowledge management systems more critical than ever. An effective KMS, such as Rewatch, centralizes knowledge, supports collaboration, and enhances productivity. Let's dive in depth into the knowledge management system features you need for successful results.

Content management

Obviously content management is a key component of any KMS, but versatile content management — think documents, images, and videos — is essential so that users can easily find and access all of the information they need. Rewatch provides this by storing all of your meeting and async videos in a centralized hub. Once uploaded — automatically or manually — files can be organized into folders and subfolders for easy access by team members. Collaborators can then attach documents to relevant videos and continue to discuss the projects within the platform. This aspect is invaluable for teamwork and informed decision-making, ensuring knowledge isn’t lost, but rather easily retrievable and organized when needed.

Insight and intelligence gathering

Knowledge management isn't simply about making information accessible; it's also about effectively capturing and disseminating organizational intelligence. With Rewatch, users can create automations to ensure meetings are recorded and shared with the right people every time. Once recorded, the platform doesn't just take meeting notes; it actually pulls the information you need, based on the type of meeting you're having.

By capturing and distributing company intelligence with KMS with these features, companies foster a more productive environment for collaboration, learning, and making data-driven decision-making faster, easier, and more efficient.

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Robust search engine

Who has time to scavenge for that one video your Sales VP made some 3 months ago on Sales forecasts? Not you. A rapid search engine is a key component of a KMS, helping users find the right video or document at the right time, as well as sharing them with others.

Rewatch offers a notable edge with quick search options that, coupled with subscriptions alerting users to mentions of followed keywords or new videos, significantly reduces the time needed to find relevant information and increases discoverability.

Easy, constant accessibility

What good is a comprehensive, centralized knowledge repository if it isn't available 24/7, overcoming geographical and time constraints? Rewatch can be accessed on both mobile and desktop platforms, providing an enhanced level of convenience to users, regardless of their geographical location or preferred device.

Asynchronous collaboration

While 24/7 access to content is important, it's also crucial that a KMS has features to enable asynchronous collaboration — not just async access to knowledge. This means that team members can work on projects at different times and in different locations without having to worry about being in the same place at the same time. This is especially useful for teams that are spread across multiple time zones or have members who work from home.

Rewatch takes this into account with both a screen recorder and collaborative video hub, enabling distributed cross-functional teams in different to work together effectively. The screen recorder is utilized to record and share updates, feedback, and more whenever it works for each individual. These videos are uploaded into the same hub as traditional meeting recording, where Rewatch then encourages teamwork via comments, sharing, embedding documents, and more which enhance knowledge sharing and collective problem-solving.

Seamless integration with existing tools

An optimal KMS fits seamlessly into existing work processes. With Rewatch, users experience effortless integration with their existing tools and workflows. From CRM tools like Hubspot and Salesforce to communication tools like Slack and Zoom, Rewatch empowers teams to streamline their work and productivity. Additionally, Rewatch commits to customer-centric discussions on its product roadmap, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with evolving business needs.

Ease of use and intuitiveness

Like any technology, a KMS only works if it is adoptable by it's easy-to-use by everyone at the company — not just employees who are more tech-savvy.

Rewatch exhibits how simplicity and intuitiveness should be at the heart of a KMS. It features a user-friendly interface and boasts built-in organizational capabilities such as Collections for easy folder usage and tags for adaptable topic organization.


As businesses grow, so does the platform – accommodating an expanding user base, content, and data without compromising on performance. A KMS's ease of use also comes into play here: as more people are onboarded into the platform, there's less time spent on training and more time spent on using the system. Rewatch is a scalable KMS with plans for companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. It's easy to set up and manage, with no IT involvement required.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Security is paramount in the digital workplaces, and is especially crucial when a company is trusting software with all of its internal information. Rewatch provides a robust, enterprise-grade solution that caters to this need. With SOC2, ISO 27001, and ISO 27701 certifications, its advanced security features protect a company's most valuable knowledge, providing firms with a secure, easy-to-manage platform that instills peace of mind. Team admins have comprehensive control over access permissions, tactfully managing who can view or interact with content, and under what conditions. Rewatch also ensures strict adherence to legal requirements, including data protection laws like GDPR, and seamlessly incorporates internal information management policies.

Here's the big takeaway: a powerful KMS like Rewatch is loaded with clever, intuitive features that make your work-life easier. It's all about doing less and achieving more. If your organization prioritizes efficient knowledge management and values tools that tackle modern work challenges, then try Rewatch, 100% free, today.

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