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Enhancing customer onboarding with video recordings

Enhance customer onboarding with videos for a personalized, efficient, and engaging start, ensuring a smooth transition and lasting relationships.

By Liz Childers in

enhance customer onboarding with video

Effective customer onboarding is a critical step in establishing a successful and long-lasting business relationship. For companies specializing in software and technology, especially in service-based industries, using video recordings for customer onboarding sequences can offer numerous advantages. This article explores how integrating asynchronous recordings into the your onboarding can streamline communication, personalize experiences, and ensure a comprehensive understanding of your services.

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How asynchronous video improves customer onboarding

Asynchronous video allows customers to access video content at their convenience, without the need for real-time interaction. Effective async communication is particularly crucial since businesses and their customers often operate in different time zones. Through the strategic use of asynchronous video, companies can deliver a consistent onboarding experience that is both efficient and highly personalized.

Personalization at scale

One of the most significant advantages of asynchronous video is its ability to personalize the onboarding process at scale. Companies can create video content that addresses common questions, setups, or tutorials, which can then be tailored to match the specific needs or interests of each customer. This method not only saves time for both parties but also makes the customer feel valued right from the start.

Enhancing understanding with visual aids

Asynchronous video is a powerful tool for breaking down complex information into digestible, engaging content. Visual aids can significantly enhance understanding and retention, making it easier for customers to grasp new concepts or procedures. This is especially beneficial in industries where the services or products offered are intricate or technical in nature.

Building stronger relationships

The use of video creates a sense of personal connection that text-based communications simply cannot match. Seeing and hearing a person in a video can help foster a sense of trust and rapport, which is crucial for developing strong customer relationships. This emotional connection is a key component in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlining the onboarding process

Incorporating asynchronous video into the onboarding process can significantly reduce the time and resources required to onboard new customers. Information that would traditionally be conveyed through multiple emails or documents can be condensed into a series of short, engaging videos. This not only makes the onboarding process more efficient but also more engaging for the customer.

Flexibility and accessibility

With Rewatch, customer success professionals can build a real-time knowledge hub for asynchronous videos. This offers customers unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to access information at a time that suits them best, This is particularly beneficial for busy customers who may not have the availability to engage in real-time meetings or consultations. Additionally, videos can be paused, rewound, or rewatched, providing customers with the opportunity to fully absorb the information at their own pace.

The videos you should include in customer onboarding

1. Tailored welcome videos

Create a welcoming atmosphere from the start by sending personalized video messages to new customers. These videos can introduce key team members, provide a brief company overview, and express gratitude for the customer's business, setting a friendly tone for the relationship. Personalized videos help in making customers feel valued and respected, fostering a positive connection early in the engagement.

2. Detailed product demonstrations

Asynchronous video recordings allow for detailed demonstrations of your software’s features and capabilities. Unlike live demonstrations, recorded videos ensure that no critical information is missed and can be produced to cover all aspects of the application thoroughly. Customers can watch these videos at their convenience, pause, rewind, or rewatch segments to fully understand how to use your product to its full potential.

3. Step-by-step tutorials

For more complex functionalities, step-by-step tutorial videos guide customers through specific processes or setups within your software. These tutorials can be segmented by user role or task complexity, allowing customers to access the information most relevant to their needs. This segmented approach helps in reducing the overwhelm of learning a new software and enhances user competence and confidence.

4. Q&A and support videos

Anticipate common questions or issues new customers may face and prepare video recordings that address these queries. These FAQs or troubleshooting guides help in minimizing customers’ frustration and reduce the need for them to reach out to support for minor issues. Additionally, offering video resources for problem-solving empowers customers and enhances their experience with your product.

5. Feedback loops

Include calls-to-action in your onboarding videos encouraging customers to provide feedback on the onboarding experience. This can be facilitated through embedded forms or directed email links at the end of each video. Feedback is crucial as it helps you refine your onboarding process and tailor it to meet the specific needs and preferences of your customers better.

6. Regular updates and continuous learning

Use video recordings to keep customers informed about new features, updates, and best practices. Regularly updated video content not only keeps your customers engaged but also ensures they are making the most of your software. This continuous learning approach can lead to higher satisfaction and customer retention rates.


Incorporating video recordings into your customer onboarding process offers a flexible, efficient, and engaging way to welcome and educate new customers. Videos allow for a personalized touch at scale, provide detailed and accessible product training, and support an ongoing relationship through regular updates. For companies in the tech and software sector, leveraging video for customer onboarding is a strategy that can lead to better customer engagement, faster adoption rates, and ultimately, stronger business outcomes. By embracing asynchronous video tools, you not only showcase your product's strengths but also demonstrate your commitment to customer success from day one.

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