Keep your team aligned


Before Rewatch

Your team just had to go fully remote and you’re probably staying that way for the foreseeable future. Your trusted ways of communicating to your team don’t work anymore. The team needs to see you but you can’t all be together in the same place at the same time so they’re missing critical direction.

After Rewatch

You will be able to easily reach your employees no matter where they are, communicate your company’s priorities, and have a continuous dialogue with your team. Your team will be able to watch your regular updates from anywhere, on any device so you’ll be able to keep everyone focused and aligned.

Every all-hands, all in one place

Your all-hands and leadership updates are available on-demand so your team can get the vital information they need whenever they need it. Everyone can watch on any device, from anywhere. Stop spending $10,000+ each time you fly your team out for in-person meetings and start communicating directly to you team wherever they are.

Understand how your team is watching

Every video comes with rich analytics that give insights into what your team is watching and the average amount of time they spend on each video. These insights help you understand what’s resonating with your team and what you should focus on.

Engage your team

Your team is able to ask follow up questions and get help and advice from other team members by @mentioning them in their comments. These live on so that new team members continue to benefit and learn from the conversations. Turn your old one-way communication into an real conversation.

Quickly find the right information

Each of your team members waste almost 10 hours a week.* just looking for information scattered all over the place. Rewatch allows your team to quickly search the full spoken text of your videos. Every video is automatically transcribed so it’s never been easier to unlock the information hidden inside your video.

*McKinsey & Company report →

Other great features you’ll love

Private & secure channel
Video upload & encoding
Video visibility permissions
User friendly video player
Video trimming
Automated Zoom upload
Automated Google Meets upload
Upload from Dropbox
Google Login
Microsoft OneLogin
Bulk actions
SCIM Provisioning
Open signup from email domain
Dark mode
Personal video queue
Video analytics
Email notifications
User profiles
People tags
Comments & @mentions
Nested collections
Video transcriptions
Automatic subtitles
Search video’s full-text
Customizable design
Pinned videos and collections
Mobile and tablet support