Rewatch for internal communications

Keep everyone in the know and in sync.

Rewatch interface showing an example channel home for all your team’s videos

One destination for all your company videos.

Transcribed, searchable, and easy to browse so everyone stays aligned.

Executive comms

Amplify your All-Hands and Q&As, so everyone is clear on what’s top of mind.

Company updates

From WFH to return to office, make it easy for your team to stay up-to-date.

Culture & team building

Bring your team together by sharing the company traditions that set you apart.

Fast search

All your important comms, at your team’s fingertips.

Videos getting lost in chat threads, email inboxes, or the company intranet? With automated transcripts and powerful search in Rewatch, your team can find exactly what they need in seconds.

A screenshot showing how you can collaborate in Rewatch.

Engage your team in a culture of conversation.

The conversation doesn’t stop when the video ends. Invite your team to add ideas and comments, highlight important moments, and loop each other in – so everyone stays connected and aligned.


Get visibility into employee engagement.

See and understand who’s watching and where they’re spending their time. With in-depth analytics for every video, you can invest more in what’s resonating with your team and troubleshoot what’s not.

A screenshot showing how you can view video analytics in Rewatch

Your videos ready to watch.
Without all the busywork.

Take the work out of sharing company videos. Automatically sync upcoming meetings, import existing videos with one click, and bring your videos into the tools you already use.

Automatically sync and import your Zoom meetings.

Automatically sync and import your Google Meet meetings.

Automatically notify your team in Slack when new videos are added.

Import any videos your team has stored in Dropbox.

Import any videos your team has stored in Google Drive.

Manage access by allowing your team to login via Okta.