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Before Rewatch

Your engineers feel the need to attend a bunch of unnecessary meetings just because it might include a single conversation that impacts them or their team. This interrupts focused work time and takes hours to context switch and get back on track.

After Rewatch

You can rest easy and focus on your work knowing that your engineers can catch up on any meeting conversations asynchronously, on their own terms. Anything that they need to chime in on is easily done by adding comments and @mentioning the relevant people on the team.

Fewer, more scalable meetings

Don’t fret if you or someone on your team can’t make a meeting. Rewatch organizes and distributes every meeting alongside its transcript so that everyone can track what’s happening and continue collaborating after the original meeting time. It’s easier than ever to keep your meetings small, short, and focused.

Find the right information faster

Each of your team members waste almost 10 hours a week.* just looking for information scattered all over the place. Rewatch allows your team to quickly search the full spoken text of your videos. Every video is automatically transcribed so it’s never been easier to unlock the information hidden inside your video.

Share feature demos and ideas

Share your screen recordings with voice overs to show off your latest demo and get feedback from your team. They’ll be able to watch and leave comments anytime, on any device, and from anywhere. Even if you decide not to build the full feature right now, it’ll be easy to find and reference in the future when the time is right.

Get insights from users

Make sure your engineers are hearing directly from their users. Rewatch allows you to share your interview recordings and annotate the relevant insights so your team can hear them firsthand. You can even @mention team members directly that would benefit the most.

*McKinsey & Company report →

Other great features you’ll love

Private & secure channel
Video upload & encoding
Video visibility permissions
User friendly video player
Video trimming
Automated Zoom upload
Automated Google Meets upload
Upload from Dropbox
Google Login
Microsoft OneLogin
Bulk actions
SCIM Provisioning
Open signup from email domain
Dark mode
Video analytics
Email notifications
User profiles
People tags
Comments & @mentions
Nested collections
Video transcriptions
Automatic subtitles
Search video’s full-text
Customizable design
Pinned videos and collections
Mobile and tablet support