October 25, 2021
A modal with Rewatch's control settings visible

Share private videos with specific members and groups

Now you can share your private videos with specific members or groups in your channel. This gives you an extra layer of security and control, so you can ensure your video is only seen by those it's intended for. You can use this option to:

  • Share sensitive updates with a small group.
  • Provide one-to-one feedback to a teammate or direct report.
  • Discuss important initiatives that are under wraps.

Here's how it works: Just select the "Only some people" option when adding a video to Rewatch and then type the names of any members or groups you want to share with.

When a private video is shared directly with you, it will appear in a new "Shared with me" collection in your channel. This collection will only be visible and accessible to you.

Learn more about sharing videos with specific members and groups.