March 9, 2020
An upload icon on a blue and magenta gradient background

Bulk uploading, automatic transcriptions, and customizable channel

  • Pinned videos allow you to feature your most important videos on your channel home or collection.
  • Bulk video uploading makes it easy to upload a large number of videos at once. We'll email you when they're done encoding.
  • Upload from Dropbox allows you to easily migrate over videos you've previously stored in Dropbox.
  • Pick your thumbnail to customize how your video shows up in the channel.
  • Customizable channel covers let your channel reflect your brand and seamlessly integrates into your team's workflow.
  • Automatic transcriptions make every video readable and searchable in your channel.
  • Pinned collections curate your channel by pinned collections to your channel home.
  • Invite member flow allows you to quickly invite you team.