Rewatch raises $20M in Series A funding

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By Connor Sears

Co-founder and CEO

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Today, I'm thrilled to announce we've raised $20M in Series A funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. This round saw continued participation from Semil Shah at Haystack and Kent Goldman at Upside Partnership, along with the support of many great entrepreneurs.

When Scott and I started Rewatch in early 2020, there was little we knew for certain about the future of work – and how the overnight shift to a fully remote world would play out. The one thing we did know, however, was that video would be at the center of the modern workplace.

At Rewatch, our mission is to help companies get more out of their video by providing a single, shared system of record. We’ve made significant progress in the past year, building a platform that the likes of GitHub, Brex, Envoy, and The Athletic have all come to rely on.

And we’re just getting started on our journey.

Realizing the promise of video

Just over a year ago, many workplaces found themselves suddenly – in some cases, almost exclusively – communicating over video. Video promised to recreate what many of us had left behind in the office: real-time human connection.

But the promise of video quickly devolved into “Zoom fatigue” and thousands of hours of unwatched and inaccessible recordings. The result? Knowledge locked away in a few people’s heads and, as a result, a new kind of organizational misalignment. While video has taken center stage in today’s era of hybrid and remote work, our tools simply haven’t kept up.

At Rewatch, we believe video is the most undervalued source of knowledge in every company – and we’re committed to unlocking it, for every teammate, everywhere. The future of video at work is collaborative, discoverable, and accessible. That’s the real promise of video.

1. Collaborative

It should be as easy and effective to attend a meeting asynchronously as it is synchronously. Teammates shouldn’t be left out of decisions just because they’re in a different time zone or can’t make a call. We built Rewatch to give teams the flexibility to collaborate in real time and on their own time.

2. Discoverable

Finding information that was discussed in a video meeting should be a simple search away. Rewatch transcribes every video, so the information is automatically indexed and discoverable. Your team’s video recordings should be a valuable asset, not a black hole.

3. Accessible

Transcriptions and closed captioning aren't "nice-to-haves" for your most important meetings anymore. Video content should be accessible by all your employees, so teams can foster an open culture where information is distributed equally across the organization. In Rewatch, that’s the default for every video.

Your company’s videos meet enterprise-grade security

There are innumerable benefits to making videos available asynchronously, either as recordings or transcripts. But it shouldn’t come at the risk of your company’s most sensitive information leaving where it belongs – inside your company. At Rewatch, we know security is of paramount importance.

That’s why we've invested in security from the very beginning. We've prioritized operational excellence with our SOC 2 Type II compliance and features like SAML SSO and SCIM provisioning. We’re also releasing more security-focused features like data retention policies and audit logging in the near future, so you can rest assured your videos are in the right hands.

Building our remote dream team

We know great teams go further together. As we chart this next chapter for Rewatch, we're so excited to continue building the team that will take our company to the next level and shape the future of remote and hybrid work for our customers.

Today, we’re beyond thrilled to have amazing folks like Pete Prowitt (former Loom, Intercom, Box) help lead our go-to-market efforts and Courtney Chuang (former Courier, Intercom, DocSend) lead our product marketing. We're also building a talented team of engineers and designers with backgrounds from places like GitHub, VMware, and EA.

Interested in joining us? Check out our open roles – we’d love to hear from you.

Partnering with world-class investors

Our Series A is led by David Ulevitch at Andreessen Horowitz with continued participation from Semil Shah at Haystack and Kent Goldman at Upside Partnership.

We're also over the moon to welcome a number of industry leaders as new investors: Jack Altman (CEO, Lattice), Christina Kosmowski (President, LogicMonitor), Lenny Rachitsky (Lenny’s Newsletter, former Airbnb), Rudy Cline-Thomas (Founder, Mastry), Qasar Younis (CEO, Applied Intuition), Zack Kanter (CEO, Stedi), Max Mullen (Co-Founder, Instacart), and Larry Gadea (CEO, Envoy), among others.

Finally and most importantly, a giant thank you to our investors and customers for joining us on this journey. We can't tell you how excited we are to build the future of video at work, together.

If you’re ready to try Rewatch in your team, sign up today for your 14-day trial.